$550 A Day Car Rental Lands Family In Trouble With The Law On Maui

A family visiting Maui rented a car for 2 days and it cost them $1100. At this point that’s table stakes, because $600 rental cars in Hawaii have become de rigueur.

People are renting U-Hauls. They’re skipping rentals altogether if they can get an Uber (and pay an elevated charge). They’re paying as much as $75 per person each way for one way shared shuttles. And the rental car apocalypse isn’t limited to Hawaii. Car rental companies unloaded cars during the pandemic. Now there’s a car shortage and limited supply makes it tough to rebuild fleets.

But an $1100 rental was only just the start for the Agors.

  • Someone hit their rental car
  • So they called the police to file a report
  • And the police cited them for an expired registration

The Ace Rental Car vehicle hadn’t been registered in a year. They say ‘they’re short staffed.’ But at $550 daily rental rates you’d think they could pay more to attract workers to register their cars.

Apparently keeping cars registered is a problem for Ace, because they also say they have a procedure to move those cars out of service. Which they didn’t do because.. they’re short-staffed. (It’s a catch-all excuse.) And certainly it had nothing to do with being able to rent those cars for $550 per day.

Hawaii News Now reports that Ace isn’t the only rental company on Maui with expired tagged vehicles on their lot. Check the expiration date on your rental car’s registration when you pick it up don’t just assume the company is doing its job to stay current.

This is doubly true if you are doing anything illegal with your rental. Remember the Son of Sam killer was arrested because of a parking ticket. If you’re doing very bag things, you don’t want routine paperwork issues to draw extra attention.

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  1. Out of Towner’s are easy pickings, no chance they will come back for court date to challenge the ticket

  2. Maui is so overrun with tourists that the mayor has asked the airlines to cut their flights to the island.
    And we have yet to see if there will be a COVID resurgence from the Delta variant, along with as yet to occur new variants from Asia this fall and winter.
    Vacation travel to Hawaii is simply not a good idea until next year.

  3. It’s quite difficult to clear an expired registration ticket when you don’t own the car or even know the owner. Never test drive a car for sale when the registration is expired.

  4. Anybody who goes to Hawaii and support those racist people or their economy absolutely DESERVE any mistreatment they receive. They don’t want Americans there anyway. The quicker we allow them to secede and return to their beloved banana “kingdom” the better. Also give them ZERO financial aid of any kind. Let them survive by selling pineapples to China. I’d also supporting repatriation (deportation) of all the Hawaiian welfare recipients who slithered their way to the mainland.

  5. @Chris can you say the word RACIST. You are so well educated to teach us that Maui produces bananas. Totally forgot about the macadamia nuts and pineapples that they export to the 48 states. Considering that a state like Texas produces Negative federal aid compared to New York and California that have POSITIVE federal aid, The USA is better off getting rid of Texas then Hawaii. Lets build a wall to keep Texans Out of the USA.

  6. Great reason among 100 more (99 attributed to the idiots running Hawaii) not to visit anymore. Go somewhere they want and deserve tourism. Write off places like Hawaii, NYC, Canada and Australia for the next decade. Let them suffer and die.

  7. @Tom
    “Banana” as in Banana Republic which is what Hawaii is. They like to call it a kingdom as if its some kind of organized and successful royal undertaking. Its the land of lazy people, public assistance, diabetes and canned meat.

  8. More charming aloha spirit in action that we hear so much about in marketing materials

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