It’s Beginning To Take A Lot For Airport Behavior To Impress Me, But This Kid Nails It

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  1. I just hope that the airlines allow mask rules to disappear with the Federal mandates. The insane unions seem to believe that keeping the #1 source of travel conflict, passenger discomfort, and parental stress in place in spite of the science is supremely important.

  2. As is wrapping oneself in a Q-tRump prayer towel while fantasizing with Tucker?

  3. @ Amazing Larry — The NY Times is the only newspaper worth reading. Perhaps it has too many big words for you to comprehend?

  4. @ Gary — I ordered my free (well, 12/13 free) NY Times Sunday home delivery + electronic access 2 days ago! Not, it will be interesting to see if it is actually read, or just carried around on trips and then thrown in the recycling.

  5. I consider the NYT to be something similar to the Guardian in England. An interesting lefty read that occasionally contains an article with a scintilla of unbiased real-world information. Not that I would consider subscribing to either. Nor does one need to in order to access them.

  6. The Guardian runs Yotam Ottolenghi recipes every Saturday which can still be accessed for free. Other than that, it’s pretty worthless, unless one whishes to keep track of the latest activities of the anti-Semitic Left – the UK usually precedes the US by 6-12 months.

  7. Re: crazy climber kid

    I was more impressed with the video you posted a couple of years ago with a woman limboing under those standard black and chrome airport seats.

  8. @Dylan –

    I don’t think we know enough about this event yet actually, generally an event that takes partially outdoors is categorized as outdoors. We don’t believe that there’s zero transmission outdoors just historically during the pandemic very little. And it’s not certain that the transmission here actually happened outside. Although it’s clear Delta is more transmissible than earlier variants.

    The mere existence of breakthrough infections doesn’t tell us much, those are to be expected, here though it does not appear that individuals who received mRNA vaccines were *doing the spreading*. And those who did come down with infections were older with comorbidities. We may need booster shots…

    That said unless we mandate good masks and learn to wear them properly and require them to be worn properly a mandate is silly theater in any case.

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