Airline Crew Caught Video Of A UFO Over Georgia Last Week

Crew on an Airbus flight over Georgia this past Monday caught video of what appears to be a UFO, “dark airspace was illuminated by an array of glowing lights.”

The flight attendant explained he began trying to “take a video of another aircraft flying just above us opposite direction at 40,000 ft” when he noticed the unusual object.

He continued: “As I was filming this aircraft fly over us, I noticed this V-shaped object appear. It appears to be between us and the other aircraft.”

The awestruck mutterings of the airline crew can be faintly heard as they continue to watch the glimmering UFO.

Something is out there, but it’s not clear what the something is. Even the federal government seems to be baffled by UFOs. They’re ‘real’ but what they are is what’s unknown.

When Barack Obama became President the first thing he asked about was UFOs. Because if you’re the President you can finally learn what’s inside Area 51. And Obama thinks UFOs are real.

NASA’s Administrator, former Senator Bill Nelson, says we don’t have any idea what UFOs are but something is out there – and that aliens is probably a better outcome for us than some sort of stealth technology held by an adversary on earth. And the late fFormer Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the government has been hiding details of UFOs for years. Former CIA Director John Brennan thinks there may be life on other planets too. December’s Covid-19 relief bill included a directive to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to share what they know about UFOs and it turns out they’re stumped. However people with the highest of security clearances think there’s something out there.

American Airlines confirmed its pilots reported a UFO sighting last year. But pilots have been reporting UFOs since 1948.

  • Two Eastern Airlines DC-3 pilots saw a cigar-shaped light that sped towards them, made abrupt turns impossible for aircraft at the time, and then vanished.

  • Another pilot in a different aircraft and other witnesses reported the same phenomenon at the same time.

Here’s Naval footage that appears to be a UFO.

‘Something’ doesn’t necessarily mean extraterrestrial in origin. I don’t believe there are extraterrestrial beings that have visited earth, in the sense that I don’t give it greater than 50% likelihood that this is true. However recently-declassified photos, and statements from government leaders with access to highly classified material suggesting they believe there’s something to UFOs, certainly raises my estimate that this is true from negligible to non-negligible. And in the past couple of years I’ve raised my personal estimate from zero to 1% to perhaps 5%.

It’s possible that there aren’t beings from outer space, that if there are we’ll never find them, that they’ve probed us and are avoiding contact (prime directive?) or even that it’s actually future human societies traveling back in time (or else, why be so interested in earth over everything else that’s out there?).

Or just that over time that we’ve been watching, with so many people in the world and so much time, eventually we see outlier phenomenon we can’t explain and it’s just… phenomenon we can’t explain. And just because we can’t explain it doesn’t make it alien.

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that the CIA wouldn’t let the President into area because his security clearance wasn’t high enough?
    Kind of ludicrous because isn’t he the boss of everyone in the government.
    Their were reports that Area 51 is where the CIA flew some of the
    JFK assassins…..

  2. Why are people still using YouTube?

    You gotta stop using huge companies that censor anyone they don’t like.
    Please link to Rumble, or Odysee in the future.

    Support free speech.

  3. “Maintenance just says copy the load factor” or something of such……no such mundane conversation would be in the video from the flight crew if these were unexplained lights in the sky….eyeroll. I’ve seen lots of stuff after 20 yrs flying jets that would seem outer worldly to someone who doesn’t live in the cockpit but is in fact easily explained.

  4. Who knows? Given the laws of physics (the speed of light being the main limiting factor) getting from another solar system to earth seems unlikely, but a more advanced technology might control wormholes and the like. Much as I would like to see aliens visit, my suspicion is that these things are some form of atmospheric refraction. See “Fata Morgana” for how something like this might work. There is, after all, a lot we don’t really understand about the atmosphere. As a person with some background here (commercial pilot, ham operator, master’s in science, etc.) I would put the odds on that.

  5. An aircraft flew under the object at 0:39 in the video from lower center left to upper right hand. It would be good to know what that aircraft was, it’s direction and altitude. In controlled airspace the altitude distance has to be 5 nautical miles minimum distance between aircraft. So depending on the size of the aircraft flying beneath the object, if it was a minimum of 5 nautical miles between the aircraft and the object the object above could be a VERY large object.

  6. Wow, do you think alien ships from other worlds would use the same red, green and white lights that’s used on aircraft on this world? What are the odds?

  7. Swamp gas from a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket that reflected the light from Venus

  8. There’s a “Wings” episode that covers this – Sandpiper Air survived the negative press

  9. Why would anything travel hundreds of millions of light years – pick a distance – to look at a bunch of sandworms? Which is where we are on their technological level.

  10. Why would anything travel hundreds of millions of light years–and then have red, green and white lighted position lights in compliance with FAR’s for night flight?

    Just stoopid.

  11. My Father-In-Law was a flight engineer/navigator for UA, Air Transport Command, during WWII, He flew South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and then occupied Japan. He described seeing the silver cylinders on flights in SE Asia. They would fly along side the aircraft. Only other time I have second hand knowledge of this, DL pilot close to retirement, not worried about any pushback from DL, documented his 1970’s silver cylinders experience in his flight log. Both of these daytime experiences, no colored lights mentioned.

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