Airline Employee Works From Home, Falls Down Own Stairs, Gets Workers Comp [Roundup]

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  1. I got workers comp for a torn ACL reconstruction caused while playing Watson Trophy Softball at IBM Research (in 1990). It was a TOTAL surprise to me that I was covered, but IBM HR insisted. Softball was a voluntary activity that was not a part of my job. Go figure. But I have to say that NYS Worker’s Comp was very generous, covering the surgery and 6 months of intense physical therapy – and my knee works good as new, even today with only the slight loss of a few degrees of angular extension compared to the “good” knee.

  2. Workers comp (in the US) clearly covers work related injuries regardless of the location of the injury. So, assuming the Canadian rules are similar to those in the US, the only question is whether an injury ocurred in one’s own home while on break is work related and I’d have to guess that the answer would be yes.

  3. Rodman met by basketball loving cops eh? Must be nice.
    I guess he has unofficial diplomatic immunity? From the virus too?
    First class treatment…..

  4. Workmans comp in Texas used to be great until Republican Gox Clements “reformed” it (let insurers keep more of their money) in the 1980’s because they couldn’t stand trail lawyers (who were mostly Democratic) racking up big jury awards. Didn’t matter that those big judgements happened because workers were seriously injured, their lives negatively altered. Now it’s a sad shadow of itself…..

  5. Workmans comp is actually intended to compensate workers for injuries caused by employers lack of care for workplace conditions and environment . Now that working from home is more commonplace is the expectation that employer be responsible for an employees home to be a safe work environment ? Please stop the madness.

  6. For all the ignorants out there! Workers’ compensation is an insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

    While workplace safety is a related field, it’s totally different than Workers’ Compensation.

  7. I have an on-the-job back injury sustained while employed by American Airlines. After being channeled through the work comp system, American Airlines had their third party administrator (Sedgwick CMS) refer my case to Dr. Daniel Gerstenblitt and had him state I had no physical proble. Unable to return to work due to the injury, A Ramp Service manager for American Airlines fired me. I currently have an investigation/complaint with EEOC – which was filed September 14, 2015. Not a thing done. American is the poster child for a corrupt coampany!

    Patrick Cooper
    Fleet Service Clerk, DFW Airport

  8. Patrick Cooper: are you based in Texas? I posted earlier about our horrible WC system. If it’s Florida, I imagine it sucks too. Welcome to republican States, safe for businesses!

  9. Jerry: states can set up their own crap systems with their own corrupt deciders so welcome to Texas businesses!

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