American Airlines Has Started Sending Out Elite Membership Kits Again

Last year American Airlines stopped sending out physical elite membership cards and luggage tags to members promoting their “fully digital experience.” It was a cost-cutting move, taking something of emotional value away from top customers.

Zach Griff writes that elite kits are again being sent out to Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum members.

  • Executive Platinum: membership card, two luggage tags, six employee recognition certificates
  • Platinum Pro: membership card, six employee recognition certificates
  • Platinum and Gold: still benefit from a “fully digital experience”

My 2020 Elite Membership Kit And Baggage Tags

Anyone achieving Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum status starting today will receive a kit. American will not be running a database query, apparently, for those who have already earned status in 2021 – Griff reports “If you achieved status earlier this year and would like a physical kit, you’ll need to call AA to request one.”

While physical membership kits were eliminated last year, American did let customers call in to request employee recognition certificates. They didn’t tell members this, but anyone who learned about the option at View From The Wing was able to do so.

Each coupon is a raffle entry. They used to be called “Round of Applause” certificates, often referred to by frequent flyers as “AAplause” certificates. Each month American would draw winners of prizes of AAdvantage frequent flyer miles (and before that the You’re SomeOne Special or “SOS” program gave positive space travel). They’ve moved to the US Airways system and now do quarterly drawings for cash. It’s a nice way to say thank you to employees who provide ‘above and beyond’ service.

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  1. As AA Plat and Gold (aka Dirt and Mud) it’s good to know where we stand according to AA’s C-Suite. Why can’t we also receive employee recognition certificates to hand out to deserving aircrew? Although admittedly AA’s customer service sure isn’t what it once was.

  2. The airlines should have paper kit or digital kit as an option so everyone is happy. I would LOVE to have a physical kit just as a memento of the travel I did and money that was spent. More importantly if they just sent a card with a letter that would be more sufficient than a booklet. Either way I miss getting those kits and wish airlines gave the option to send them out. Its a nice touch especially when you cant reallly count on all of the elite benefits.

  3. Pre-Merger giving the certificate out – it felt like you had given the employee $20 – they thanked you profusely – if I gave one out at the start or midway through the flight, I would get all the drinks I wanted and more.

    Last couple of times, it was basically “thanks buts its OK” and/or “I never win anything”

  4. I’ve instituted a new practice of giving a certificate out to anyone who smiles or looks as though they are happy to be there. I still have nearly all of them.

  5. AA unable to operate flights reliably. Who cares about this stuff..?
    Pls invest in executing the flight properly…rather than delay/ cancel 1000s of flights.
    Very simple – if you sell a flight…pls operate the flight.

  6. @Jason

    “All can be handled digitally”

    Digital is also a waste of something: energy here.

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