American Airlines Starts Expiring Miles Again July 1

Back in mid-March criticized American Airlines for continuing to expire miles when customers can’t fly, can’t engage with American’s travel partners, and in many cases have less income and much more uncertainty to spend on other qualifying activities.

Delta, JetBlue, United and Southwest don’t expire miles at all. Hotel chains had already paused mileage expiration, and many foreign airlines did too.

On April 2 though American, which has a policy of expiring miles in accounts that have been inactive for 18 months, announced that they’d suspend expiration of miles as well – but only through June 30. As they explained it,

We are temporarily pausing the expiration of all miles between now and June 30. Miles that were set to expire during this time will now expire on July 1, if there is no additional activity in your account during that time period.

American confirms to me that they’re still on track to start expiring miles again starting July 1, “Any expirations that were “paused” will expire on July 1 unless a member has had activity in their account, which “resets” the 18 month expiration.”

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  1. What’s with AA?

    It appears they attempt to take the most provocative action against passengers and employees, until they get goosed by a story and comments here. Than, AA reverses itself.
    Says a lot for AA’s credibility.

  2. Nice Article and good move by AA. No I don’t think that a few Blog posts caused the airline to make this decision. Having knowledge of the situation, they had bigger fish to fry and re-activating points is easy compared to halting 80% of your flight schedule and making sure people are paid and safe.

    I foresee an extension beyond July 1 as people get back to normal, although travel in general will take years to recover.

  3. Fortunately they are now the only major airline whose points expire, so everyone should join AA’s dining program and eat a meal at a participating restaurant once a year to keep extending the 18 month deadline.

  4. Yeah, typical AA greedy decision making. Race to the bottom…and AA wins it, time and time again. They certainly lead the pack…with some of the most short-sighted, least customer friendly policies…one can only hope that customers remember these things for a long time after the current crisis.

  5. AA Did advise, by email a few months ahead of time that miles are going to expire on a certain date.
    I was at the post office a few days ago, and bought a 55¢ postage stamp. Mission accomplished.

  6. @Jaymar01 – I agree and also bet over half have no idea how easy it is to extend miles. Dining program is a no brainer, shopping portal works as well. Then you have any transaction involving miles which opens up many more opportunities.

    Yeah AA could change the miles to not expire but IMHO anyone that lets miles or points expire, given how easy it is to extend them, deserves what they get!

  7. I received the cancel miles notice for July 1. My problem is I cannot use the AA Citi acct because I actually closed the acct about 2 years ago. I’ve sprnt way to much time trying to contact anyone at American Air that can help. I even offered to opena new account and have my milkes transfered to the new acct. No cannot speak to any real human being. American Air does it again worst public relations of any corp. in the world.

  8. Head’s up to everyone.

    On July 3, 2020 – American Airlines expired my miles. Almost 64,000.

    Now they want $400 to restore them to my account.

    They win the 2019 Covid insensitivity award !

  9. I also had miles expire at the beginning of July And they want $100 to reinstate them. Lame-O

  10. If my miles expire at the end of july . Can I book a flight now to fly later?

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