Brawl Breaks Out At Embassy Suites Atlanta, Front Desk Clerk Defends Herself Using Phone As Weapon

A brawl broke out at the Embassy Suites Atlanta Galleria after a dispute between a guest and a front desk associate. Other guests in the lobby naturally caught it on video… rather than helping to restrain the combatants.

While the argument that precipitated the fight wasn’t recorded, we can see that the hotel front desk agent is wearing a mask at the end – and the guest is not. The hotel for its part only says that their employee was “threatened,” and that they called police – it was that call that led to the fight. After the employee was accosted, she fought back with a phone, hitting the guest’s head.

The desk clerk, who had minor injuries, is pressing charges. No security is on duty at the property, apparently, until 10 p.m.

We’ve seen passengers unload on airline gate agents who deny them boarding for refusing to wear a mask, and go full-on Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury on hotel front desk agents who are supposed to take their temperature. All of us are inconvenienced by the global pandemic, but if we’re lucky enough to be healthy and traveling (and still have a job) it seems to me we ought to count ourselves pretty lucky and roll with it, you know?

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  1. OMG (I rarely use that statement) but OMG- The one guy in the blue shirt looks like he is trying to break it up and the other person recording the incident moves him away to not block his shot. I am mot looking forward to traveling anytime soon

  2. Flew with BA last week to Milan. Everyone was calm, stayed sat down whilst their row was called, wore a mask…. You know, completely civilised….. But, I understand that people have civil liberties, and “rights…” 🙁 I honestly think we are devolving as a species

  3. You need to remove the video. The PC folk cancelled COPS and the police reality shows.because they were showing too much reality. Once we defund the police, refuse to prosecute rioters, and make all the videos like this disappear we will end this misbehavior! After all, hospitals and morgues don’t allow filming so all the evidence will be cancelled.

  4. Both appear to be wearing masks early in the video. I find it funny the desk clerk is pressing charges as she went full off on the guest. While we don’t know what precipitated the police call a clerk should never respond in that manner. Completely unprofessional. I would never stay there. You’ll be guarantee a happy hour in the evening and a beat down in the morning. After free breakfast of course.

  5. Way more action than I’ve seen at hotels recently. At least it breaks the monotony of empty hallways, closed lobby bars, UberEats and no housekeeping.

  6. Not having seen the video yet, I would bet $1000 that I can guess the “ethnicity” of the protagonist in this “brawl” and it’s the same bunch who cause brawls on Spirit Airlines and who’s brawls have made Chuck E Cheese synonymous with the phrase “don’t go there”.

    Update, just watched the video – pay me! Yeah, to quote all those ads on Nickelodeon, black lives matter.

  7. Another Jerry Springer moment (sigh).

    I’m in the process of obtaining residency (based on ancestry) for a small, Baltic country. The country has a highly-educated populace, low crime rate, and cultural history. When family and friends here in the US ask me why I would ever consider moving abroad to such a “boring” place, all I have to do is show them a video like this.

  8. KimmieA,
    I can’t blame you for leaving this country. How we landed a man on the moon is beyond me.

  9. Imagine if a white front desk clerk fought back with a phone like that. Social media would erupt in outrage, links to GoFundMe would be passed around to nurse the emotional and physical damages suffered by the “victim”, and barrels of e-ink would be spilled to paint Hilton as a proprietor of racial oppression.

    But this is ok. The people in this video just have an animated way of settling disputes. We shouldn’t criticize them for their cultural differences.

  10. I don’t understand why people are upset. Only 2 people out of many are getting injured, so it’s just another “mostly peaceful protest”. “Disgruntled Hotel Guest Lives Matter!”

  11. AlohaDaveKenned, I bet you pick up your talking points at white supremicist rallies, you know, Trump and KKK rallies

  12. @Peter – you might be new here, the racists seem to have settled on this blog for some reason to vent their filth.

    Hopefully they’ll go back to their Reddit threads post-11/3.

  13. To add to your last sentence: and to treat fellow humans trying to do their jobs as we’d like to be treated.

  14. ABSOLUTELY correct, David. But prepare for the avalanche of hate from “woke” racists.

  15. For those of you calling out people as racists because they correctly guessed the ethnicity of the two individuals…are they wrong? If you had to guess, would you have guessed anything differently than they did? Most stereotypes are based upon facts. It doesn’t take much effort to see that this is a cultural issue. There is a blatant lack of respect by people of color AND towards people of color. How do we start fixing it? How about looking in the mirror and starting there?

  16. Look at us White Americans feeling smug about seeing Black Americans fighting, because we never fights and never do anything wrong. I guess this video justifies the Police disproportionately killing Black Americans and invalidates all the protest that have taken place and this is why we can feel bitterness towards white liberals, because of this video the reasons for our feelings of superiority have been reaffirmed!!!!!! Thank you so much for this video, because know I can feel good about my wanted to fly the Confederate Flag and claim that a Rebel Anti-American Army that lasted 5 years is somehow apart of my families history. I’ll have this video on repeat, thats for blowing the dogs whistle, I enjoyed seeing all the hounds’ comments

  17. I enjoyed this video. It could have been on TV. You know one of those Blooper type shows. But I guess that type of show will never be made again due to the lack of any ability to actually show reality. It might hurt someone’s feelings. It might be offensive. It might be a lot of things, except it cannot be judged as funny. We don’t know what happened and maybe it would lose some of its charm if we did know. But for now, it is funny.

  18. “they trippin!!! they trippin’!!!” as the recording commentator says. thanks for the laughs!

  19. Someone mentioned that we’ve devolved as a species. I couldn’t agree more. The women fighting; the “audience” failing to break up the spectacle in the interest of that “best video” shot; the commenters celebrating this as funny and entertaining.

    This is, sadly, acceptable behavior these days. Celebrate, indeed!

  20. Wow! Reading these comments, just another reminder that racism is not dead..the ugliness is still around, and that’s the sadness part .

  21. @ED no the saddest part is that this is the type of stuff that is passed off as travel news here nowadays.

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