Brawl Breaks Out In The Aisle Of Puerto Rico Flight As Police Board To Tase The Aggressor

On Monday evening Spirit Airlines flight NK2322 from Newark to San Juan broke out in a major fight throughout the cabin over a passenger not wearing a mask. What’s remarkable is the extent of the brawl, and that it happened upon landing in Puerto Rico, rather than prior to departure. The woman who wouldn’t wear a mask was ultimately tased by police who responded to the brawl.

There are several passengers doing their best tryouts for a remake of Road House prior to Dalton showing up at the ‘Double Deuce’ in the aisles of the plane.

According to the man who filmed the video, “the fight broke out because the woman refused to follow the airlines protocol to wear a mask.” The reporter who spoke with the man, though, says that things started before the plane landed. There was another passenger who wouldn’t wear a mask and kept switching seats. This man and his unmasked traveling companions (who were black) got into a shouting match with other passengers, and that included racial slurs.

To be clear: the woman who threw the first punch is allegedly the same person who refused to wear a mask who then ended up being tased by police because of her belligerent behavior which is seen on video here.

Not long after I posted this video, I spoke to Alfredo, a man who is seen in the video wearing a purple shirt. He is Puerto Rican. He said there’s more to the story. Alfredo says the woman seen on video throwing punches, was punched by 1 man before she punched anyone.

Alfredo says during the flight, a young man was moving about the plane, switching seats and not wearing a mask. Flights attendants, according to Alfredo, instructed the man to stop switching seats & to wear his mask. The man didn’t stop.

When the plane landed police were called. 3 women who Alfredo says appeared to be traveling with the young man were also not masks, most of the flight, & were moving around while the sets belt sign was on.

The flights attendants – Alfredo says – asked the women to stay seated a wear a mask. One on the ground, Alfredo says 3 men began yelling homophobic & racial slurs at the 3 women who are black. 1 man, Alfredo says, hit one of the women, who then started punching. That’s the woman who’s seen on video throwing punches when the police make their way into the plane.

The tased woman was ultimately arrested and spent the night in a Puerto Rican jail.

While all airline passengers may be Spirit Airlines passengers now, there’s nothing quite like Spirit Airlines passengers.

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  1. I think BLM needs to get involved and shed light on the obvious oppression that is happening here. #FlyingWhileBlack

  2. I flew DL on Friday morning JFK-SJU and all the passengers wore masks and were civil to one another. That is definitely a different kind of in flight entertainment.

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