BREAKING: Iran Air Signs Deal for 80 Boeing Jets Worth $16.6 Billion

Over the summer Boeing said it signed a tentative deal to provide 100 planes to Iran Air, shortly after a similar deal was announced with Airbus for 118 planes with a list price of $25 billion.

Now Boeing and Iran have signed an agreement for 80 planes with a list price of $16.6 billion. The previous-announced Airbus deal has not yet been made final.

Over the next decade Iran Air is set to receive:

  • 50 Beoing 737 MAX aircraft
  • 15 Boeing 777s
  • 15 Boeing 777X aircraft

President-elect Donald Trump has been critical of companies doing business with Iran. The House of Representatives passed a bill in November designed to block the sale of commercial aircraft to Iran by barring the US Treasury from issuing licenses to US banks allowing them to finance the sale of such planes.

As a result it’s possible that this deal was finalized now to avoid any potential complications from a new administration, although it opens up Boeing to more criticism from Donald Trump’s twitter account.

Boeing emphasizes that it “coordinated closely with the U.S. government throughout the process leading up to the sale and continues to follow all license requirements as it moves forward to implement the sales agreement.”

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  1. Only one of Obummers F U to the American people and Israel before he leaves office.

    Gary why are you so ecstatic about this?

  2. Good timing! Seems like that would employ a lot of people.
    And reassuring that they can get some modern planes, from a passenger safety perspective.

  3. Oh, yes, because nothing says “I love Israel!” better than hearing and seeing well dressed Neo-Nazi’s hiding behind the geeky, benign sounding name, “Alt-Right”, chanting “Heil, Trump!” with their arms raised in the Nazi salute, or crosses burning while the KKK is throwing their white supremacists’ “Trump Victory Celebration” in North Carolina…yeah, right, that’s SO COMFORTING when one is Jewish!

  4. Didn’t trump tweet about this yet? Perhaps he is still formulating one from SNLs show last night. Priorities you know. He hates Iran. He bashes Boeing. That orange blob on his shoulders must be spinning now.

  5. This is great news for Boeing and its employees. If Donald Trump truly values in protecting/creating jobs in the USA he would not attempt to block this deal.

    The notion behind some congress people’s reasoning this deal should be blocked is because this will enable them to transport weapons or equipment to build nuclear bombs is absolutely ludicrous. This is a commercial jet not a C-17 or a freighter jet.

  6. Hopefully, the incoming Administration doesn’t sink Boeing or this Iranian deal with Boeing, but who knows what they will do. Trump has already attacked Boeing over Air Force One development, over Boeing’s advocacy for free trade and probably eventually over this Boeing-Iran deal.

  7. Wow $16.6 billion. I wonder if that figure includes the kickbacks to Barry and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation?

  8. Maybe Trump will require Boeing to use its profits from the Iran Air deal to offset the costs [to the U.S. government/taxpayer] of the new Air Force One!

  9. Indeed, history does repeat itself! We already know how Iran utilizes civilian jetliners to re-supply their terrorust creation, Hezbollah, and to continue conquering other Middle East countries.

    So, this can only be history redux when the oil, gas, and tires the U.S. had sold Japan through mid-1941 were used against American forces in Japan’s conquest of Guam, Wake, Bataan, and Corregidor.

    What more could we expect from this administration relying on their kinder korps of inexperienced national security experts? Ideally, between Generals Mathis, Kelly, and Flynn, this last desperate act of an administration more focused on perpetrating its “echo chamber” to cover-up its failed foreign policies will be overturned before real damage is done.

  10. How many Billions of our hard earned tax dollars + Armaments (i.e Cluster Bombs that has been by every country on this planet) USA gives to Israel every year?? At least Being is brining in Billions of dollars and paying taxes to pay for the School Teachers and Police Officers and Infrastructures..
    Rather than criticizing Boeing, we should thank them.. They are competing hard against Airbus in open market and keeping jobs here in USA!
    Don’t believe junk food news from FOX + Rush etc.

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