British Airways Cabin Crew May Be Fired After Naked Game of Spin the Bottle

British Airways cabin crew are facing dismissal after reportedly playing Naked Spin the Bottle at their Singapore layover hotel. Apparently they were ratted out by a colleague.

One of the dares in the spin the bottle game, it seems, was to get naked and run down the hallway of the hotel knocking on other guest room doors.

A BA source suggests,

There were some frisky crew on this plane. There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew, who were all naked

Apparently they were drinking (natch) and had taken the alcohol from the aircraft.

Last year, apparently, British Airways had to change crew hotels in Singapore after a female flight attendant ran through the lobby in her underwear.

British Airways sees the crew as representing the company, so this is actionable. I see taking alcohol from the aircraft certainly as a firing offense (theft aside, there are implications for payment of correct duty).

Historically the rest of the behavior might have just burnished the reputation of the airline. Fellow crew and their union won’t like advancing the historical stereotypes of flight attendants, but the airlines used to seek the reptuational benefits among at least some of their clientele. After all, they used to go to great lengths to suggest such things were possible.

Paddle Your Own Kanoo points out that there’s no photo or videos of the incident, so did it really happen?

At the end of my senior year of high school, debating in the final round of a tournament to qualify for the national finals, my partner and I teased back and forth with the team from West Bakersfield over which one of us would be going to Fargo (where the event was to be held) to go cow tipping.

It wasn’t until the advent of YouTube that I came to realize cow tipping is all a myth. Search YouTube yourself and you’ll see that there isn’t a single actual video of cowtipping. Cell phone cameras, too, by the way are why there are now so many fewer reports of UFO sightings. You can’t claim to have seen a UFO but not been bothered to snap a photo after all…

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  1. Sounds like a fun company to work for – sure beats a room with Playstations and Foosball.

  2. It’s kind of refreshing though that in the age of high-tech video games and AR, people still entertain themselves with a free, simple, and old-fashioned game like spin the bottle.

    UFOs may be avoiding cell phone videos but UFO sightings that are recorded on HUD, gun camera, and FLIR footage are increasing. The US Navy briefed senators on this a couple of weeks ago. UFOs don’t have to be extraterrestrial of course. Even POTUS was briefed. This is a CNN story so feel free to chalk it up to fake news if you like.

  3. As long as they are attractive (one woman, two men, reportedly), I don’t see the problem. This post was sourced to The Sun, so take that into account.

  4. Totally appropriate for the BA crew to be fired. The damage to the airlines reputation alone justifies it not to mention the corporate liability that can result from the actions of intoxicated employees. And then the theft of the liquor on its own justifies termination.

    In terms of cow tipping, anyone who grew up in the country knows that cows will almost always lay down to sleep. They may sleep standing for a few minutes at a time but cows like to lay down when they can. The cow tipping myth is pushed by hollywood writers and people just assume when they hear the jokes on tv its true. The people who write those jokes have probably never even seen a real cow. I have to wonder how many poor cows have been hassled by ignorant drunk frat boys trying to tip them.

  5. @Bill, I agree. Cows are pretty big. If they kick or trample the cow tipper, it would not be a good thing. Plus, what if the cow was actually bull. Not a pretty picture.

    @Dean. I agree. If I could get Aegean Airlines stewardesses (for example) to do this, that would be a good thing.

  6. What employees are doing off the clock should not matter, nobody was running through a lobby in their skivvies, and the snitch should mind their own business. Odds are the snitch was just jealous.

  7. I would be happy to fly with such a fun cabin crew. However, they need to buy their own booze.

  8. I’ve played naked spin the bottle with members of flight crews from BA VS AF LH SQ Cx THAI ANA JAL AA DL UA WN EK EY AY KE and AV. But running around the hotel disturbing others is not cool

  9. Let’s all bear in mind the story came from The Sun. I mean, it’s not unlike them to make stuff up or exaggerate, and it’s not unlike the British media in general (especially the Express) to feel it’s their duty to constantly nitpick anything BA related. BA have bigger PR issues anyway – treatment of workers and possible strikes as a result, exorbitant fuel surcharges, CW Europe being a joke, dropping food and drink off domestic and European flights.

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