British Airways Flight Crew Behaving Badly in Singapore

British Airways flight crew have a reputation for being some of the rowdiest in the world, and ‘things to tend to happen’ during Singapore layovers (Johannesburg, Las Vegas, Bangkok, and Nairobi are also well known trouble spots).

Over the summer it was a game of naked spin the bottle that got out of hand in Singapore. Two years ago it was crew running naked through hotel corridors, stealing fish.

After a recent British Airways Sydney – Singapore flight a flight attendant’s boyfriend and the plane’s first officer got into a fight in their layover hotel’s lobby. The flight attendant has been suspended.

Natalie’s boyfriend is said to have wrestled with the BA first officer in the reception area of a hotel in Singapore, where the crew were staying between flights.

An airline insider said: “Some of the crew got plastered, allegedly using drinks smuggled off the BA in-flight trolley.

Pilots are higher status. And British Airways uniquely doesn’t want to anger its pilots right now. While the flight attendant who wasn’t involved in the altercation – her boyfriend was – has been suspended, there haven’t been any consequences for the pilot.

According to British Airways, “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from our colleagues and will always take the appropriate action.”

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  1. Isn’t it more likely the case that the FA got suspended because her boyfriend was – it might be inferred from the report – staying overnight in the crew hotel with the FA, rather than because the boyfriend was involved in a fight with the FO? I think there’s a pretty clear rule about this on most airlines – not that many crew adhere stridently to that rule of course!

  2. Could this explain why our BA 15, Singapore to Sydney flight attendants showed up 40mins late to our departure security/clearing gate a few days ago? (SIN city central (hotel) is only 15 mins from SIN Changi airport). //

  3. The female FA gets suspended because her boyfriend got into a fracas with the male first officer? Way to go, BA. Either punish the FO and file a police complaint against the boyfriend, or do neither, but punishing the FA?

  4. So some BA hostesses got naked and cavorted through the hotel leaving a vaguely fishy smell in their wake? OK…

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