British Airways Investigating Flight Attendant Who Offers Sex To Passengers

A London Heathrow-based flight attendant for British Airways has deleted most of her social media accounts as an airline investigation is underway to uncover her identity, after the U.K.’s Sun newspaper revealed that she offered illicit onboard entertainment to passengers for a fee as well as selling worn items of clothing online to fetishists.

The attendant, who also sells her knickers online, lures in clients by taking risque snaps mid-air in her uniform.

…She charges punters £25 for a pair of her knickers, but the fee rises steeply for one-to-one services.

…”She says on her blog: “If you ever want adult entertainment on-board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice.”

The Facebook business account for airhostess71, however, remains intact as of this writing.

According to British Airways, “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from all of our colleagues at all times, and we are investigating the claims.”

Flight attendants selling used articles of clothing on eBay has been going on for years, and United Airlines even had an epidemic of flight attendants selling use of their seniority. With flight attendants losing their jobs around the world during the pandemic, though, there’s been a new urgency. One cabin crew member even teaches other cabin crew how to sell feet pictures online.

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  1. Has it really come to this? Some old BA slapper flogging her panties ( …and more) for a few bucks. I don’t want her fingering my scones and clotted cream. Show her the door, stat….

  2. She needs to be fired. This is against the BA policy of offering no amenities to passengers.

  3. Teach this flight attendant how to buy NIO call options and she’ll keep her pants on for every flight.

  4. Leave these people alone. They are just trying to make a living during the fake Chinese flu pandemic to get Trump out out by any means necessary.

  5. Seems like BA wouldn’t be the ones deleting her social media accounts unless she had branded items in the photos and they complained to twitter, etc. Maybe she should just move over to Chaturbate or Onlyfans, etc.

  6. The flight attendant went from selling buy-on-board food to selling buy-on-board sex, or the other way around? Either way, the airline groomed her to sell in-flight-related services. Did she fly with it above the call of duty at the call of the call button for “special assistance? Her employer can’t keep a stiff upper lip in the face of so many getting undies twisted in a bunch and so are conducting an investigation into an extraordinarily motivated employee going mile-high for customers and putting it all out there on the cheap.

  7. Airhostess71 still has her Instagram account open. Kinda dumb seeing as she has BA logos in the pictures she posts. Not the smartest girl on the planet?

  8. She prob isn’t the only one that does this, prob happens across the industry. We’re all human and have needs. If this is the worst thing you can think of then you need to take a look at yourself again.

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