British Airways Scolding Flight Attendants For Running Naked In Hotels

Airlines sometimes have a hard time keeping the behavior of their crew in line while traveling in – and out of – uniform on overseas trips.

  • The airlines worry about their reputation with customers… and governments
  • They worry about getting kicked out of contracted-for crew hotels
  • And they worry about staff being focused and prepared (and sober) for flight duties

One airline had to warn pilots to stop filming when flight attendants had sex onboard. Air India had to warn flight crews to stop stealing from hotel buffets.

But the behavior of British Airways crews is legendary, especially the antics of ‘mixed fleet’ flight attendants when they travel to Nairobi, Kenya. And one British flight attendant recently told tales of sex with passengers for money and taking revenge on customers they didn’t like.

British Airways also had to tell staff this year to stop urinating in the cargo holds because “urine is quite corrosive and there was some issues with some of the Boeing 747s.”

Now it seems that British Airways sent an e-mail to staff warning them that they were risking their jobs with overseas behavior.

Staff received a furious email from bosses telling them to curb their behaviour, after a flight attendant was caught running naked around their accommodation’s corridors naked and a pilot tried to steal fish from a lobby pond.

Johannesburg, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Singapore are some of the cities where BA employees’ behaviour has been notorious.

…It is believed that a rule which gives staff discount prices on alcohol not used by customers is one of the key factors in their boozy sessions.

…Another source added: They are packing a lot in during their 24 hours down there. Sleep, drinking, safaris. And then they are getting on the plane, absolutely knackered.

Unsurprisingly once again it’s the younger ‘mixed fleet’ crews that are at the center of the behavior controversy.

British Airways though says that they “have not received any complaints about behaviour for any of these destinations recently.” So it’s apparently not the hotels that are complaining.

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  1. Mixing races has always caused society troubles. Haven’t the Brits learned from our mistakes?

  2. Gary, Gary, Gary! In this post, I did not want to see a picture of a BA plane. I wanted to see the picture of the crew running naked!

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