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United Pilot Saves The Day For Four Passengers Stranded At Chicago O’Hare

Feb 21 2020

Washington Post national political correspondent Jenna Johnson tried to make a quick trip home to D.C. on United after the Nevada caucuses, a surprise for her husband who wasn’t expecting to see her until after Super Tuesday.

She didn’t make her Las Vegas – Washington Dulles flight, while roads into the airport were closed off while the President left town, but United rebooked her onto a connecting flight through Chicago. It went mechanical, jeopardizing her O’Hare connection.

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Bypass LaGuardia: Seaplane Service Will Challenge New York-Boston Shuttle

Feb 20 2020

Cape Air won approval to start flights from Boston Harbor to New York City, at East 23rd St. in Manhattan. This is a one year pilot program for four flights a day.

Currently Amtrak is desirable for its downtown-to-downtown service, making up for slow train speeds by avoiding commutes for passengers looking to travel between city centers. This service offers to cut out the airport transit while retaining the speed of flying, though of course is subject to weather more than train travel. The major limitation, however, is frequency.

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The JetBlue Flight Attendant Who’s A Dead Ringer For Meghan Markle

meghan markle prince harry
Feb 19 2020

Thirty two year old JetBlue JFK-based flight attendant Christine Mathis says she first started getting confused for Meghan Markle in 2011 when passengers would say she ‘looked like that girl from Suits‘ on USA. It picked up when Markle married Prince Harry. She says passengers would ask her why she was working as a flight attendant after marrying a royal?

Now that they’ve been in the news constantly over Megxit she’s signed on with a talent agency as a professional lookalike.

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Seriously, Who At American Airlines Thought This Was Food?

Feb 19 2020

One passenger shared the meal they were served in first class on an American Eagle breakfast flight from New York LaGuardia to Atlanta. It looks like a broken up granola pieces sandwich and that’s what the passenger thought that it was, describing it as “the driest sandwich known to mankind” although they “thought it was chorizo too at first.”

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American Released Data to the SEC That Shows How Award Travelers are Doing

airline cabin
Feb 19 2020

It’s been tough to be an American AAdvantage member over the last several years if you actually want to use your miles to fly American. Since US Airways management took over in the final days of 2013, far fewer passengers have been traveling on American using their miles. That’s largely the result of a lack of saver award inventory.

The airline pledged to change that, and just released new numbers to the SEC that says how they’re doing.

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Starting March 11 You’ll Be Able to Select Your Meal in Advance On American Airlines Regional Jets

airplane food
Feb 19 2020

American Airlines started letting customers pre-select their meals online when they’re flying in premium cabins back in the fall of 2012. Delta didn’t roll out this feature until early 2019 and United is still in testing.

While American moved forward with pre-orders for buy on board in coach, they didn’t actually extend pre-orders to first class on regional jets. That’s finally changing.

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