Chaos at 30,000 Feet: Woman Duct-Taped to Seat for Trying to Open Plane Door [Roundup]

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  1. If you’d like access to premium sliders and other elevated, curated delicacies, please consider Delta.

  2. $30 mill is probably not enough to be flying private often. And if everyone with a couple million flies private the planet is going to burn up quicker than it already is.

  3. The New York Post has a story on this from two years ago. Search for: “Woman duct-taped aboard American Airlines flight faces record $82K FAA fine”.

  4. One probably wouldn’t achieve a net worth like that by indulging in extravagances like needlessly flying private.

    At any rate, if you have family/multiple kids your big problem would likely be consistently finding available seats in first/business unless you plan well ahead.

  5. Things I have seen adults do in F/J: personal entertainment without headphones, obnoxiously loud conversations with other passengers or on cell phones prior to departure or after landing, removing shoes/socks and placing feet pretty much everywhere, bringing their own disgusting-smelling food, personal grooming such as shaving, applying makeup with powder flying everywhere, cutting/filing/painting nails. My own children sit still watching movies or shows on IFE or their iPads with headphones (I also bring backup headphones and if one of their iPads fails would give them my iPad or laptop). Also, just because someone is flying coach, doesn’t mean they are worthless trash who deserve to be harassed/disturbed by un-parented children.

  6. Where was the good guy with a door? The only way to stop a bad guy with a door is a good guy with a door.

  7. You gotta hand it to those Texans, when they want a hotel they want a hotel and to hell with the cost.

  8. As someone who’s lived in the North Houston area (and returns “home” there for the holidays)…I’m eager to know who the hell would host a convention all the way in Conroe?? Let alone *why*?

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