Charlotte Airport Has No Water, Passengers Please Use The Lav Before Deplaning

A major water main break has deprived the Charlotte airport of water. Restaurants have to close. People can’t use the restrooms, let alone wash their hands (I seem to remember something about needing to do this frequently and for 20 seconds).

American Airlines is telling passengers that they should use lavatories on board their aircraft prior to deplaning. Get out the coffee grounds

I feel badly for Charlotte passengers even in normal times. Rocking chairs aside, gates there simply aren’t designed for the density of American Airlines aircraft and there’s frequently little room to maneuver.

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  1. Not having a pot to piss in at an airport could lead to a brutal lineup at the gate pre-boarding.

  2. Luckily thanks to the way CLT is heavily banked, each passenger only has 90 seconds to sprint from gate to gate before last call, so nobody had time to pee anyway.

  3. Wash your hands at least every 30 minutes for 20 seconds and you don’t have to wear a mask that’s what falchi said

  4. Secretary Buttigieg just announced that this is yet another demonstration of success of his administration in fighting Covid and booming economy resulting in sky high demand for water at airports.

  5. Left CLT three hours ago. AMEX closed the lounge immediately and the water faucets barely trickled. Toilets did NOT flush. It happened around 5:30 pm. Most people who were there only found out when they entered the bathrooms initially. There was no announcement over the general loudspeakers at that time.

  6. why isn’t the airport closed and flights diverted? This is a public health issue.
    There is no way a major hub can function w/o water.

  7. When using a lavatory at the Charlotte Airport, if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

  8. An airport with no water means no washrooms which is a big NO NO NO!!! Airports are one of the places where you have the best services and charlotte is one of the kind, but this incident seems to be turning off.

  9. Sounds like alot of money is at stake in Charlotte. Hopefully, the watermain break issue will be fixed momentarily.

  10. Ah, the spirit of uselessair lives on.

    And @JoJo. Your credibility for your lie is shit if don’t even know how to spell his name.

  11. Dumb question, but is there no resiliency in a water system for such a huge and important facility? Like it’s fed from exactly one water pipe?

  12. There was no water inAtlanta terminal C once we were told to go to terminal B for restrooms///nuts no back up plan??

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