Conservative Activist Arrives At Airport, Shocked American Airlines Banned Him For Mask Shenanigans

David Harris, Jr., whose book title describes himself as a black conservative, posted a livestream refusing to wear a mask on American Airlines. With a wink and a nod he suggested that a medical issue with a mask was enough to exempt anyone from the requirement. It was clear he didn’t have a ‘real’ medical need. Indeed he had a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a mask.

At the time of this flight a couple of weeks ago American Airlines did still allow customers to fly without masks if they had a medical reason to do so. That’s no longer permitted. And today he posted a video of himself being turned away from an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Los Angeles.

Wearing a Trump Pence mask, he narrates being turned away at the airport. In his telling his reservation still showed as active online, but he couldn’t check in. He says he called and was told he’d have to go to the airport – a usual answer an agent might give if they didn’t do any actual investigation.

Harris suggests that American didn’t communicate his travel ban to him. The agent at the airport told him his ticket was ‘voided’. After (he reports) 30 minutes he learns that he was not permitted to travel on American because of a past issue with the airline. He admits that he received a phone call that medical exemptions would no longer be permitted.

He is wearing a mask now because medical exemptions are no longer permitted which suggests his problem with masks wasn’t especially grave to start with.

If it’s true that American didn’t tell him he was banned that’s unfortunate and a real fail because it means they set up a potential future conflict at the airport with their employees, and set up a passenger who might not be wearing a mask to come to the airport. However he acknowledges receiving a call from the airline about the end of the medical mask exemption, which is itself far above and beyond usual procedure.

It’s clear that the airline saw his prior video, saw that he was faking a medical issue, and banned him – something that usually takes multiple violations. If he hadn’t posted bragging on social media about circumventing mask rules and delaying a flight, he’d like have been able to take his flight.

Two months ago American banned another conservative activist who videotaped himself refusing to wear a mask.

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  1. Working for AAL we have had employees have a medical condition exempting them from wearing a mask. They evan had physician documentation. A few weeks ago AAL informed them that they will be put on medical leave if they can’t ware a man at work.

    What do these employees do? They go against AMA and wear a mask at work. They do not want to be on a medical leave and get a fraction of their pay.

    After seeing what AAL employees go through, I do not think Harris is lying.

  2. @CA Although the employee issue is a bit more sensitive, if you have a medical issue that prevents you from wearing a mask, you shouldn’t be flying in the first place. This conservative activist had the objective of faking a medical issue to get out of the mask policy. If he can wear a mask for the entire flight right now, then he could’ve worn a mask back then.

  3. Once the BLM crowd learns of this, American Airlines will be shamed incessantly on social media, and their offices and planes looted and burned. AOC will demand that American provide free flights and nuts for everyone, then complain about the carbon footprint, further shaming them on social media. Finally, OneMaskAtATime will publish a blog article writhing in glee at an anti-masker was banned from the smoking carcass that is American airlines.

    Doug should freshen up his resume.

  4. @Steven Merchant,
    Mental health issues are a disability. Those with mental issues don’t wear masks, and their antics lead to the deaths of themselves or of others quite often.

  5. This guy is a media whore. He will say anything to get attention. Just look at his record and past shenanigans on all airlines, not just AA.

  6. For those of you who are getting your panties in a bunch look up Sweden. Also if you are that worried about catching the Chinese CCP flu stay your asses at home. Im not going to stop doing what i need to do cause you’re a chicken shit.

  7. Mental issues of inordinate amounts of fear about a virus are people that should not be flying. It took YEARS for the flying populace to register issues with “service animals,” but a few short weeks to declare unmasked travelers as Typhoid Mary.

    We endured “service” peacocks, dogs crapping in aisles, pets getting into fights, and nobody cared. Nobody cared that dander from certain breeds of dogs welded my eyes shut, but now y’all up in everyone’s business.

    If we’re on a SWA flight transporting a triple amputee vet, sure, you have an argument that I’ll listen to. You all live in a fantasy world of “make it safe” when there is no way to reduce risk to zero. The cost of the control cannot exceed the actual loss being avoided otherwise the control is ineffective and a waste of money.

    But feelings. Black holes don’t care about your feelings either. But you feel better, which was the only point all along.

  8. Why are people I. The United states so selfish some of us only care ourselves. Not Godly like at all. What we are teaching the rest of world and our children. This is why some of our you g people are so messed up no moral values anymore. No please no saying thank you just rude.

  9. Even in the video, he’s violating American’s mask policy by being in the airport where AA is operating while wearing his mask as a chinstrap.

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