Delta Air Lines Hires Crypto Scammer Tom Brady As Advisor, Watch Your SkyMiles

Tom Brady promoted Sam Bankman-Fried’s defunct crypto exchange FTX, which stole customer money, as being “the most trusted.” Now Delta Air Lines has entered into a multi-year endorsement deal with the disgraced athlete.

When the seven time Superbowl winner was married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the pair received $48 million to pitch one of the greatest financial frauds in history. Now Delta, ever one to shop for a bargain, has signed on the more tarnished of the two.

Delta says that “[t]he partnership will integrate Brady’s spirit of winning and passion for inspiring people to be the best version of themselves with Delta’s goal of connecting people to their greatest potential.” According to the airline’s CEO Ed Bastian,

Bringing a leader like Tom onto the Delta team furthers our mission to connect the world while accelerating our drive to continuously improve for our colleagues, customers and communities.

Hopefully the payments from Delta to Brady will help fund any eventual judgment or settlement in FTX customer suits against the athlete and crypto exchange investor.

But if Delta was looking for wisdom and guidance, maybe they should’ve found a way to work with Larry David?

Or perhaps a better partner would have been Taylor Swift, who reportedly engaged in greater due diligence on FTX and questioned why the Howey test didn’t imply that assets traded on FTX were unregistered securities in violation of U.S. law?

Besides, Tom Brady’s mother was a flight attendant for TWA so the partnership really does seem off-brand. However with Delta expected to announce changes to SkyMiles next week perhaps devaluation of the Atlanta-based carrier’s unregistered securities falls squarely in line with this deal.

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  1. This Timm Dunn (like that Hilton guy) is such a predictable bore.


    I guess I would be the “Hilton guy”. If, as you stated and I agree, “What matters to people here is the airline loyalty program, and what you can get with earning and using the points and miles” , then you’d applaud the “Hilton guy” for keeping travel bloggers honest precisely on what you say is what matters (e.g., debunking and shooting dead the canard about how “a Hyatt point is the single most valuable hotel points currency”).

    The “Hilton guy” seldom touts Hilton’s financial performance “supremacy” as a reason for forgiving Hilton Honors’ every sin or transgression, and that is because he knows that financial performance does not necessarily translate into a great or a poor loyalty program, so he is careful not to convolve the two.

    Tim and and the “Hilton guy” are passionate about the programs that they each patronize, but that is as far as similarities go. You are probably confused, but I am used to addressing people like that in this space.


  2. Feel free to let us know the size DL or AA will be at LAX by the time that UA gets around to spending another couple billion to build the next terminal at LAX on top of the tens of billions above AA and DL it will spend on fleet and terminals. This incessant growth that UA’s rah-rah team wants you to believe is coming is unsustainable and simply won’t do anything to close the “my thing is bigger than yours” contest” that Kirby is so determined to try to win.

    — Tim Dunn

    When it’s DL making investment moves that are questioned or criticized, Tim Dunn’s position is that everyone should “wait and see” before criticizing. How about “waiting and seeing” before making pronouncements about how UA’s moves are “unsustainable”?

  3. So Delta hires a famous crook to help with their new “changes” to Sky Miles… the world is getting crazier…I wonder what they want to change for us who have been loyal??

  4. DCS,
    clearly you missed the plot.
    DL signed Brady for consulting purposes in addition to the well-known ad functions that sports personalities have long played. It is the consulting services that is worth waiting to see if its works or not.

    Route additions and spending massive amounts on terminals and airplanes is also well-established and predictable.

    Understanding the difference between the two and addressing them appropriately IS the essence of what is at stake.

    Properly talking about Tom Brady for ALL of what he has accomplished instead of just cherrypicking a few negative points IS why I have written as much as I have on this article.
    It is called fair and balanced or whatever terms one wants to use.

  5. @Tim — there is not much of a plot to miss. This is exactly as it seems: DL is associating with Brady to capitalize on him as the GOAT QB and well-known personality to pitch its product — well, a cheerleader with as much business experience a cheerleader.

    It is as simple as that and everyone knows it too.

  6. Strangely personal & judgmental tone from someone who used to work for Tom DeLay, disgraced congressman. Maybe Gary lost money, is against crypto, hates football, or some other reason intended to signal his transition to establishment thinking, but no one claimed Brady was in on the scheme. If he was an owner, he put his money where his mouth was, and lost money like otherr people. They are honoring him in Boston this weekend, so “disgraced” seems to be a private view.

  7. Why is it Gary is selective, biased, and myopic in his views? It’s amazing what he publishes VS what he neglects to report on. I guess because he’s really not a writer but more like he’s on a mission with a vested interest.

    He’ll always be a Richard to most of us.

  8. When will this author just pull the plug? This is not reporting. It’s more like an agreement he’s made with other carriers in return for favors.


  9. Exactly what are his “strategic” credentials? He has a BA from Michigan in “general studies”…whatever that is. He can kick a football. OK…what does that have to do with airline operations? NADA

    Oh, but with his stellar “strategic” credentials, he can pitch investing in crypto currency. So, how’s that workin’ out for the investors, huh?

  10. Years ago, my cube was right above the helicopter pad for the regional headquarters in a business park. All would gather to see who was coming and going….and warn the plants of unannounced visitors!!

    One day, the First Officer pops out and removes two golf bags from the storage compartment of the chopper. Then the passenger door opened and out comes the company CEO and a former NFL quarterback who was recently hired as our company spokesperson (back then, they were called spokesman). Both were dressed in their golfing attire. A Chevy Suburban whisked them away. Come to find out, the company was sponsoring a golf tournament that weekend and I saw both of them on the sports edition of the evening news wearing the same clothes.

    Just a preview of the hard life Tom will encounter as a spokesperson for Delta.

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