Delta Passengers Reportedly Kicked Off Flight For ‘Private Conversation About Supporting Trump’

Delta Air Lines reportedly removed passengers from a flight departing Washington National airport on Saturday, after riots at the Capitol last week, “because they was having a private conversation about supporting President Trump.” We have video of the passengers leaving, and from in the terminal after their removal, but not of the actual comments that prompted Delta to ask them to leave.

The contents of private conversations can be deemed a threat. Just ask anyone making private jokes about bombs at a security checkpoint, or who is Muslim or a professor carrying weapons of math instruction.

My serious take here is that in the wake of last Wednesdays events on Capitol Hill, for flights departing Washington National airport, there was a heightened sense of fear and concern among airline crew and passengers who weren’t involved in the protests or riots. Small comments could be an early signal of future trouble. So just like innocuous comments can be taken out of context as a terrorist threat in the post-9/11 world, so too can even innocuous comments linked to last Wednesday’s events.

While I think we need to guard against overreaction – there’s hardly a need for new ‘domestic terrorism laws’ against actions that are already illegal – it’s also completely understandable that humans would be on hair trigger alert. If you’re boarding a plane after participating in events that disrupted the democratic order in this country, however briefly, just don’t talk about it until you’re safely back at home.

Now takes like this one on twitter are bad:

First “I won’t fly them now, but I didn’t fly them anyway” is almost the definition of meaningless, and no what Delta did it isn’t ‘unconstitutional’. This tweet might be a candidate for @badlegaltakes.

However at some point, and I’m not arguing we’re there, do all of the massive subsidies for what’s already one of the most highly regulated industries, make the major airlines sufficiently a quasi-government entity such that first amendment protections begin to apply? The federal government now has an ownership stake in even Republic, Allegiant, SkyWest and every large carrier in the country and with the second round of so-called payroll support grants presumably will be taking additional stakes.

And while Delta does own a stake in China Eastern Airlines, I don’t think that makes them a Communist Marxist..China Company” as claimed on Parler. In fact Delta’s CEO was supportive of Trump before the 2016 election and was encouraged after his election – but that was self-serving, he wanted Trump’s protectionism to work to his airline’s benefit against carriers from the Mideast.

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  1. @Dwondermeant says:
    “Wow Delta finally did something I can personally appreciate”
    This is surely a personal thing. Thank you for confirming!
    Now do you see how pathetic it is?

  2. These people have been lying about why they’re getting kicked off planes for the entire last year. I don’t believe this for a second.

  3. they’re not lying about this. You think it’s righteous for government and businesses to persecute for freedom of speech? for belonging to a certain political party? for a belief??? …..To be restricted from paypal, amazon etc?….because it’s not affecting you, right?…….at least at this moment…….
    …..and people wonder how the holocaust occurred…….idiots.

  4. Yep, will never fly delta again. The ceo should be fired and those passengers given a settlement. This is bizarre O world. Anyone that supports throwing passengers off an airplane for a private conversation is nothing more than a “Sheeple”. Can’t think for themselves so they don’t care about civil liberties. I believe Stalin called them useful idiots.

  5. Your irrational fears should have no effect on my life and rights! This can start to work both ways. Then we are in a social spiral. Of course due to political correctness and covid we are already in a social spiral.

  6. Does anyone have a recording of what was said? I can’t judge until I hear evidence and I don’t believe anyone else should either.

  7. Simple fact is the flight crew made the decision. Flight crews don’t go around looking for people to throw off the airplane. Someone has to do something to get considered to be thrown off a flight.
    This we know….they said or did something that clearly raised the concerns of the cabin crew. They no doubt brought the cockpit crew into the loop and the ground staff. The decision was made that they had the potential to disrupt the flight. Pretty easy decision if you are there and don’t think for a second that loudly supporting what happened at the Capitol was simply stating a political point of view. It was as serious as someone after 9/11 getting on an airplane and saying something supportive of those terrorists. Attempts at violence against our leaders is as serious as it gets. It’s an attack on America and our democracy and an attempt to replace it with mob rule.
    The only difference between these two attacks on our country is no Americans cheered the 9/11 terrorists.

  8. People really are uneducated & rely solely on the media for their information. Do the research yourself & get it right before you type please! Unless you were running in the Capitol that day do you have a clue the types of people & who they support were!! If that’s all to this story just a quiet conversation in support of TRUMP 2021 I’m afraid there will be planes without employees & more passengers to come. Just saying!

  9. @ Hunter – They were harassing Mitt Romney before boarding the plane and then went into a 20 second chant yelling Traitor over and over again. This was no “private conversation.” These are the useful idiots of Trump’s – and the sheeple of the Republican party. I used to be a Repubican before I woke up and saw that I’d been played. They have been being played for decades by the GOP and that is why the Dems have finally had enough – so don’t be surprised when we come down hard on these insurrectionists in Congress. They have been planning this coup attempt since FDR’s death. I’ve been watching it since the 70’s and when they took a hard right with Reagan in the 80’s. It was no surprise to me and many others that we have come to this point. And incidentally, private companies – especially when flying 35,000 ft above the ground have a right to remove anyone they want.

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