European Airline Warns Employees Not To Get Vaccinated In The United States

Aer Lingus is warning flight crew not to get vaccinated while in the United States.

And to think, some airlines actually want their employees to get vaccinated. One entire airline flew to Serbia to get everyone vaccinated and then flew home.

Aer Lingus management isn’t a group of anti-vaxxers. Instead,

  • They’re generally scheduling 24 hour trip layovers in the U.S.
  • But crew aren’t supposed to work for 88 hours post-vaccination because of the risk of side effects
  • So if a crewmember gets vaccinated, they may not be able to work their return trip home.

Travelers from all over the world are coming to the U.S. to get vaccinated. Alaska is even setting up vaccine on arrival at airports. Most of the world lags the U.S. in vaccination, and most Aer Lingus cabin crew are not yet eligible for doses at home.

Of course the U.S. should be doing ore to vaccinate the world. It’s awkward to be vaccinating 12 year olds with two Pfizer doses, I think, when they’re at very little risk to begin with and while the pandemic rages unabated in many parts of the world. Likewise we shouldn’t be stockpiling AstraZeneca or Novavax doses which haven’t even been approved for use here, since there’s no supply shortage for them to address.

But Aer Lingus management ought to be scheduling longer layovers or flying over additional crew with their plethora of empty seats. The should want their employees vaccinated, and should be helping to facilitate this. Of course Aer Lingus is owned by IAG, parent company of British Airways, so their position is not surprising.

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  1. The AstraZeneca vaccine being “hoarded” here are currently undergoing quality assurance since they were produced at the same facility as the J&J vaccine in Baltimore that had quality control issues.

    I also don’t believe any country has approved the Novavax vaccine.

  2. These vaxtards and their stupid vaccines for the FAKE News Pandemic are an exercise in mental retardation . Wearing the masks and suffering oxegyn deprivation more noticeable than ever as the summer weather heats up the annoyance factor X 10.

  3. Why isn’t the US exporting vaccines instead?

    So much for free markets and the rights of private companies to be unregulated bla bla bla — all lies and propaganda.

  4. Ridiculous assertion to say that it’s ‘awkward’ for 12 yr olds to get vaccinated. They can still transmit the virus. Once the outbreak is defeated in this country we can devote full efforts elsewhere.

  5. As of Friday, not even 50% of US persons had yet been administered even a single vaccine dose. Even in the State of New York, only around 49% of the total population had received a single vaccine jab; and of the New York residents, only around 62% had received at least a single vaccine jab. That is a lot of unvaccinated people across the country and even in large metropolitan areas across the country.

    The unvaccinated millions in the US — as in well over 140 million people — have started to fill in the restaurants and bars without masks along with their maskless vaccinated acquaintances and others. That provides quite the increased opportunity for the virus spreading from sea to shining sea.

  6. “and of the New York residents who are 18+, only around 62% had received at least a single vaccine jab. That means a lot of unvaccinated people ….”

  7. @ Flatman — So, the millions of COVID deaths are fake? Believe what you like. BTW, Costco has great online prices for coffins if you want to save your family a few bucks.

  8. Ireland’s rate of vaccination is on par with the EU. Given that most people get some sort of reaction to the covid vaccine, it is a risk for crewmembers to take the vaccine on layovers. And US vaccine cards may not meet Irish requirements.

    Not really much here

  9. Getting vaccinated outside your home country (even state/province/canton/etc) may pose problems when “COViD passports” come to be. It may be impossible to confirm the legitimacy of such vaccinations if you’ve not been properly logged into your country’s health care registry. Sharing of health documents is covered by strict confidentiality in most G20 and other countries so exchanging your certified proof may pose issues for confirmation.

    Not to mention how 2nd doses are coordinated with the 1st.

  10. It’s more than “awkward” to be vaccinating 12 years olds with a drug that remains in the experimental category with NO FDA approved long term studies . . . it’s criminal. I’m not an antivaxxer (under 2020 and earlier definition) but why chance it when the virus does not affect the healthy young? A few more years to study the side effects on ALL humans would be prudent.

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