Female Passenger Tied Down With Rope After Trying To Remove Her Underwear

A female passenger was tied down on a flight from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk in Siberia after she removed her clothes, and even tried to take off her underwear. The incident began about 15 minutes into the flight, and cabin crew tried to get her to keep her clothes on.

The 39-year-old woman would remove a piece of clothing and then put it back on, though gradually more and more of her clothes were off. While she wasn’t endangering other passengers by her stripping, she was described as ‘disoriented’ and flight attendants and passengers teamed up to restrain her using a seatbelt, a rope, and tape.

In video taken onboard the flight, the woman is seen tied up in her seat to prevent her from taking off her clothes.

The aircraft continued to its final destination where the woman was arrested. Reportedly the passenger admitted to police that she had taken “a synthetic drug” prior to the flight. She has been charged with petty hooliganism.”

While not included in media coverage that I’ve been able to find, I believe the only carrier that operates the Vladivostok – Novosibirsk route is oneworld member and American Airlines partner S7 Siberia Airlines. S7 is known for diverting when an opposition politician on board had been poisoned by the Putin regime, as well as for selling oneworld elite status, and for cabin crew who refuse to pitch the airline’s credit card inflight.

In November a woman was removed from a United flight from taking off her clothes. When she was deplaned she had just a shirt and underwear on.

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  1. Come on Gary…there must be a story you can post about a brothel filled with undocumented midgets that is relevant because the madam uses a room at a Radisson.

  2. @JohnB: Savvy passengers keep informed when reading View From the Wing, The Thought Leader in Travel. The more you know…

  3. So we are now writing about mental health issues? This woman needs her privacy. She does not need to have her face plastered on The View From the National Enquirer.

  4. Awwwwwhhhhh….I need something to cheer me up in the morning….keep these GREAT stories coming Gary.

  5. Don’t see her with her mask on. Doesn’t Russia required masks now. In America she could be arrested, fined and banned from the airline for that alone

  6. Again bringing American Airlines into it, like that’s relevant. This happened in Russia, and no one in US cares a bit. Read the comments!

    Get the stick out of your backside against AA already, it’s just getting old.

  7. Karen of the day. Not even a political argument to be made from this one, it’s boring.
    Come back when someone takes a dump in the drink cart again, Gary. Anything less than that doesn’t interest me

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