Why Flight Attendants Hate to Serve Diet Coke and Calling BS on AF

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  1. “air stewards claim that they could serve three passengers in the time it takes to pour one diet coke.”

    Lol, then just put the whole can on our tray and move along…sheesh. Funny how you can spend $800 on a flight and be made to feel like you are trying to get away with something asking for the other half of a 50 cent can of diet coke.

  2. A little secret – if there’s a squeeze of lime or lemon prior to the pour, the amount of CO2 fizz drops considerably. A flight attendant told me that she suggests that prior to the pour to make things go faster.

  3. True about the fizz. I’ve seen quite a few FA’s re-open a bunch of diet drinks just to let them calm down a bit for 10 or 15 minutes.

    But really, on shirt flights they don’t do beverage service anymore, and on longer ones they’ve got the time. So I guess this complaining has to do with their having to spend extra minutes ACTUALLY SERVING AND INTERACTING WITH PAYING CUSTOMERS, rather than closing the curtain and reading a book on their iPad in the galley.

  4. Really? The old Diet Coke and Air Waitress complaint. Is this news. This is like 20 year old news. Just FYI. Coke Zero (the current version) is fairly bad also. Just ask for the can. “Would you like the can sir”.

  5. Donald says:
    July 29, 2017 at 3:12 pm
    But really, on short flights they don’t do beverage service anymore, and on longer ones they’ve got the time.

    Short flights? Ton of short flights in this country where they do a beverage service. No serve flights are basically non-existent. Ratio of 1 flight attendant per 50 passengers, so time is crucial. Many times, flight times require you to be rushed, take off, serve, clean up and land.

  6. Echoing the others, just pass out the whole can. I am perfectly capable of pouring it myself. I’ve practiced at home and have gotten pretty good at it.

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