Greatest Hotel Guest Of All Time Cooks Baby Back Ribs In The Bathroom

With Marriott hotels coming up with excuses not to honor elite breakfast, IHG properties looking to exclude ‘speciality’ entrees from the new Diamond elite benefit, and Hilton offering a food and beverage credit that often doesn’t cover the cost of a morning meal, frequent travelers find themselves hungry. Some take matters into their own hands. With rising costs and diminished service on-property, that may even mean buying ingredients at the grocery and cooking in their room – even if it’s not an extended stay property with a stove top.

One man is a hero to us all, making baby back ribs in his bathroom. He uses a towel to help strip and remove the membrane. He dumps the rib rub out over the meat at the sink. Then he cooks it with a hair dryer. For four hours. He then takes out the dish to add a honey glaze before returning the ribs to the “oven” for an additional three hours of cook time.

Someone once claimed to have cooked chicken, with butter and garlic, using their hotel room’s coffee maker. I assumed that was parody, and there’s a photo but no video. That’s why this take at Ramada Ribs truly wins.

Those of you who are less ambitious can consider making grilled cheese in your room with the hotel’s iron.

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  1. I hope that guy was charged a massive fee for deep cleaning everything onto which the raw meat splattered.

  2. How it’s possible may those food are dump and raw OMG! literally it was wasting time on bathrooms.

  3. Really!? As someone who works at a hotel; it’s ‘guests’ like this that degrade the industry. The hairdryer!? Do you have any idea of the fire hazard? Shame on you Gary for elevating this bozo’s bad behavior!

  4. Likely done purely for clicks. Seriously, even the cheapest traveler is unlikely to buy ribs and rub and go thru such an effort. Absolutely disgusting!

  5. I love it. Shame on hotels in the US for offering processed garbage that no one else in the world would eat, jacking up prices and trying to condition people to accept little to no service. Would I ever do it, hell no. Is it sanitary, nope, would I encourage others, surely not, but is it a great video, yes.

  6. A hair dryer left like this is a major fire hazard. A number of years ago a woman at University of Rhode Island did something similar with a hair dryer to dry her just washed jeans. Large dorm fire and multiple student deaths.

    You really should not be flogging assholian behavior like this.

  7. This is the same type of a**h*** that made my friends who stayed in a Hyatt House have to file a complaint with the health department when they returned to their room and it was filled with smokey grease from the jerks who were frying something in the next room. Since the hair dryer isn’t a cooking device, not UL approved…suppose the grease from the ribs hit the heating coils? Fire maybe? Don’t anyone remark that “the air wouldn’t let the grease go back…” I’m not an engineer but a pilot. Anything could have happened. I agree with another…charge the bum for the deep clean if it was necessary!

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