How We Know American’s Product Isn’t Important to the Business and Turkey Banning Uber

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  1. now THAT’S called completely surrendering the ZRH premium market for anyone not actually bound for PHL. they can claim it’s a congestion issue but it’s also their concscious decision to sacrifice the ZRH jetbridge out of all the candidates.

  2. So Turkey is not part of Europe? Well, that permanently solves the question of EU membership.

  3. Yep, agree 100% with @henry LAX on that – especially when considering how AA admitted earlier this year that it puts its least desirable aircraft on low priority routes (e.g., dilapidated 767s in Latin America).

    Of course, it doesn’t hurt that ZRH is a monopolized nonstop international route for AA at PHL, whereas its other international routes have, or could face competition that ZRH likely will never have…

    As always, competition, or the threat thereof, makes a difference in determining the quality – or the lack thereof – of any products being sold…

    For were Swiss to suddenly announce nonstop service to/from PHL with flights that docked at the gate using jetways, I bet we’d see a press release from AA within hours announcing a change of plan to ditch the mobile lounges (aka buses) real fast… 😉

  4. Separately, FYI:

    The FT article in the link provided is behind a paywall…

  5. I’m sure a lot of the banking trade that shuttles between New York and Zurich will be perfectly willing to fly through Filthadelphia and put up with that crap. Sometimes (oftentimes!) you have to wonder what AA management is smoking.

  6. Give it rest already on my flying habits. My job is to sit on my A$$ and think about ways to degrade the product and raise revenue

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