Islamic State Takes Over Resort Islands In The Indian Ocean

When ISIS took Mosul, in Northern Iraq, they renovated and operated the 262 room Ninawa International hotel. However without alcohol revenue from the bars, and expelled by Iraqi and coalition forces in 2017, they didn’t have enough time to recoup the capital investment.

Early in the global coronavirus pandemic, the Islamic State suspended all non-essential business travel. For a period of time jihad had to take place entirely online. Yet they’ve begun re-opening. And as they’ve worked to expand their territory, they’ve remembered the lessons of the Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul – that their time in power may be short-lived and so investing in and operating resorts isn’t likely to be a successful investment model.

ISIS fighters have captured resort islands in the Indian Ocean but they no longer seek to run the properties. Instead the “[l]uxury islands off the coast of Mozambique, where A-list celebrities spend their holidays” have been “torched” by militants. Although there are still properties in the region that are accepting guess, subject to Covid entry restrictions.

The ISIS insurgents have ordered residents to abandon the islands of Vamizi and Mecungo – where celebrities like Daniel Craig, Bono and Prince Albert of Monaco have holidayed in luxury.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and political leader Nelson Mandela have also been known to have enjoyed holidays on the picturesque island.

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort Still Available For Booking

The Islamic State Central Africa Province hasn’t announced any plans for rebuilding of the resorts they’ve burned down, or a path re-opening to tourists during the pandemic.

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  1. When a celebrity beach is taken over by militants it’s time for a United Nations resolution. “Git R Done”. Have another R.

  2. This must be fake news. Just last week at a campaign event I heard the president say he eliminated Islamic State, 100%, Gone!

  3. Be careful visiting islands with JV teams; seems like they are becoming no-go zones.

    “Terrorist attacks in the Seychelles can’t be ruled out.
    UK Counter Terrorism Policing has information and advice on staying safe abroad and what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Find out more about the global threat from terrorism”

  4. What about your terrorist zionist friends in Israel destroying Palestinians homes everyday.. some day put a news on that as well.. Condemnations should not be cherry picked to suit your agenda..
    Another poor post from you.. simply disgusting

  5. @Nfd: You’re free to open a blog and decide to post whatever crazy off-topic shit pops into your head at the moment.
    I wouldn’t try it from Gaza though.

  6. @Gene. These are dire times and although i laughed i think we should not continue this line in the debate about what is going on. BLM is Marxist Communist. founder acknowledged. Watch Juri LIna on YT about Bolsjevik Revolution and get what that means. And you know that size is only a fraction of qualities a man can have. It gets extremely boring after a while when it is there only quality. Overrated so to speak.

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