Jennifer Aniston Paid $5 Million to Endorse Emirates, Honeymoons on an Airbus A380?

Jennifer Aniston is apparently being paid $5 million to endorse Emirates according to Page Six.

Delta’s Richard Anderson vows never to watch Friends re-runs again.

Of course as with all things aviation-related in non-specialized media, there’s a bit of misreporting.

We’re told that Aniston, 46, has shot a campaign for Emirates, which is based in Dubai and is the world’s biggest international carrier.

“The world’s biggest international carrier”…? I’m not even sure what this would mean… American is the largest airline. Turkish flies to the most countries.

Meanwhile the UK’s Daily Mail explains “the international carrier offers plush private suites on board their Airbus A380 flights” and then purports to show those suites:

While that’s clearly a private jet interior, the Emirates A380 suites are:

Aniston is apparently honeymooning at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Emirates doesn’t fly there. If she wished, as part of her deal, she probably could have honeymooned on the upper deck of one of their A380s.

Of course the Aniston-Emirates deal comes on the heels of Etihad featuring Nicole Kidman. I’ve been a huge Nicole Kidman fan since I was a kid, when my aunt cast her in her first adult starring film role (after BMX Bandits but several years before Days of Thunder).

Not everyone supported this endorsement. Kidman honeymooned with Keith Urban at the St. Regis Bora Bora.

The region is no stranger to using American film stars (Kidman is Australian of course, but she came a long way from appearing in Aussie movies like the ones my aunt made) in their advertising. Turkish for years featured Kevin Costner.

Still somehow my favorite movie star traveling abroad to film commercials is Bill Murray endorsing the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo…

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  1. Nicole Kidman is actually American. Born in Hawaii to Australian parents. Having said that, she’s never published her birth certificate…

  2. Would you buy an underwear because tiger Woods said he likes them? Celebrity endorsements are height of stupidity, and yet companies continue doing them, which means they work, which means stupid Americans listen to celebrities.

  3. @Martin she was born in Australia while her (Australian) father was a student at the University of Hawaii, she returned to Australia when she was 4. True she is technically a dual US citizen…

    @Martin – my aunt has been out of the movie business for a very long time. And she was never a recognizable name in the US in any case (though she too is a dual US-Aussie citizen). She made some bombs 30 years ago 🙂 like Nicole Kidman in Windrider and Matt Dillon in Rebel.

  4. @credit yes, because American’s are the only people in the world who are the target of celebrity endorsements. smh. happy you got some USA bashing in this fine morning? apparently you’ve got as much exposure to the world as the idiot who wrote the USN&WR hotel rankings this week! relative to most of the rest of the world, celebrity endorsements are less pervasive than most cultures. in fact, the big market for US celebrity endorsements is….. OUTSIDE THE US! ergo, some of Gary’s references above, and part of the plot of Lost in Translation- something that, somehow, was lost in translation to you. dolt.

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