Passengers Break Into Fight Over Masks In Miami, Get Kicked Off Flight Which Only Makes Things Worse

A face mask brawl broke out at the Miami airport just a week after a fight broke out at Miami’s gate D14 over the last seats available to standby passengers on an American Airlines flight to Chicago. In other words, just another day at the Miami airport.

Things began to go downhill when two passengers started arguing on their aircraft, based on video shared in social media this week. A woman can be heard dropping an F-bomb, “I’m not even in my regular seat, so I don’t give a f***.”

The women arguing were kicked off their flight and sent back into the Miami airport terminal. That didn’t end the confrontation. The F-bombs continue with a blond woman telling another woman she’ll “f*** your a$$ off.”

A man she was with tries to pull her away, but soon after, another man in a yellow sweatshirt grabs a woman in black Adidas sweatpants by her neck and pulls her down to the ground.

He forces her to the floor of the terminal, and starts dragging her by her hair, as people gather around and watch the violence unfold.

After the first woman was pulled to the ground, the woman with long, blonde hair gets involved to try and fight the woman in black sweatpants, but ends up getting dragged herself.

In the end at least four passengers were involved, with one grabbing the original blond woman by the hair to yank her out of the fight, screaming “Girl you need to sit down.”

This all began because one of the women wasn’t wearing a mask on board.

Florida. Masks. Trapped inside a metal tube. And a disproportionate number of first time leisure travelers. As I began writing when travel started picking up last summer, all airline passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now.

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  1. Not eager to start flying again, will not make odds higher by flying Spirit os Southwest!

  2. These people are awful, and their behavior is horrific, but as long as the now pointless mask mandate stays in place this nonsense will continue. It’s time to end the mandate 75% of people will continue wearing them and all of the endless announcements and conflict will end.

  3. The real travesty here is that we missed so much of what was really happening because yet another clueless person doesn’t know how to orient their cellphone properly for taking a video. Sigh….

  4. The man in the yellow sweatshirt threw a man to the floor, not a woman. He had longer hair and you don’t see much of his face though. It’s more clear in other videos with other angles. Still an embarrassment and not sure why so many flights seem to have a South Florida connection.

  5. No need to rush for a vaccine as this is a reason I won’t be willing to fly.

  6. Those gals should be in the Roller Derby! Great locks and slim. They’d earn a great living bashing each other every other night!

  7. “all airline passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now.”

    Never have more chilling words been typed in a travel related blog.

  8. When levels of civility are low, levels of self-centeredness are high, and cameras are ubiquitous, there’s the window into the world today.

  9. The laughing stock of the world Trump brigade is out in full force on View From the Extreme Wing.

  10. What are we to conclude here? Federal mandates to BEHAVE like civil human beings or be banned from flights? I sure as heck wouldn’t want to risk being on board with people who behaved like that in the gate area to risk their antics at 30K feet! Maybe need more undercover police in airport at departure gates….

  11. The Democrats caused this! What did the Democrats think would happen with all the free money they are giving to people? Democrats cant get enough legislative support for their minimum wage increase so they are hoping that by giving enough free money and no evictions then employers will do it for them. Until everyone gets back to work and free money ends, expect more low class travellers to be created low class people problems on airplanes.

    The last AA incident where the FA was attacked by a 28 year old female passenger illustrates my point. 28 years old, no job but lots of goverment money. A 28 year old able bodied woman should either have a full time job, be looking for one or be a stay at home mother. A 28 year old unemployed adult should not be vacationing in Florida!

    Democrat policies dont effect them because they are all rich. They effect normal people trying to do the right thing.

  12. Which are worse: the people who live in Florida or the people who live elsewhere and go to Florida on their vacations?

  13. @Wesley…. you and the rest of your Trump fanboys need to got back in the hole that you crawled out of.

  14. I’m hoping Biden will give me enough free money so I can travel for free and not have to ever work again. Maybe if we keep voting for him and he lives to be 100 we will reach paradise someday. Then I can afford to fly free on American or any other airline. So long as the people foolish enough to keep working pay enough taxes to keep the free money coming to deserving Americans.

  15. A great example of why airlines need to raise fares.
    And airports can contribute to lowering unemployment by hiring more security people.
    How about a new ‘NoFly’ list?For effective punishment of this type of behavior, on the ground or in the air, let’s prohibit all these folks and the ones in airplanes causing mask drama from flying – period.

  16. Unsubstantiated divisive political bantering doesn’t solve problems. A nation divided will not stand. Americans be patriots. Unite and compromise. Those who lost get over it as people do after every election. Absurd comments blaming one party or the other are just that; ABSURD.

    Rude or fighting behaviors need to be addressed rapidly. If passengers are unwilling to comply, warning, intervention, arrest and no fly list.
    Taser, if a threat to flight safety.

    Remember, pilots and flight attendants have a job to do and it is to ensure your safety, not referee fights.

    Wear a mask correctly or don’t fly. Simple.

  17. I’m with Joyce and said similarly…they act up on the ground/at the gate/on airport property, they don’t fly. Who needs that behavior at 30K feet? Endangers everyone.

  18. Interesting. The “comments” here show either the Russkies. Chinese, Or N. Korean trolls are bombing this site OR the Trump Army really needs to get that medication out to its ranks. As for this incident, it’s time to grab these maniacs and follow EX-President TeleTubby’s favorite phrase and “LOCK ‘EM
    UP.” Throw these maniacs in jail before someone gets killed or maimed at an
    airport gate.

  19. How much “free money” was given out during Trump’s term?
    What evidence do you have this was related to “free money”?

  20. People need to take responsibility for what they do. Enough with blaming everyone except for themselves. Grow up people.

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