More Passengers Can Access American’s Soon-To-Reopen Flagship Lounges

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  1. Coming down the pike:
    All visitors to USA must be vaccinated.
    All visitors to (many countries) must be vaccinated.
    No one in airport lounges without vaccination.
    No one can fly without vaccination.
    Booster shots suggested.
    Many fake cards. Booster shot cards made more counterfeit-proof – national database.
    Must show booster shot card (don’t call it “vaccine passport”) to fly.
    No hotels unless vaccinated. Must show new card.
    It’s coming. Biderman was accurate. So was Milgram.

  2. Bob
    There is no way out of this.
    The virus will be here forever. “Variants” are still the same virus. It’s endemic to humanity. It cannot be stopped.
    Have you breathed it in yet? Vaccine or not, it’s just a matter of time before you do. Same goes for everyone.
    More fear is coming via your TV. Be sure to watch it. New variants can make people tune in. They provide a platform on which politicians can squawk.
    The virus cannot be beat. People will wake up, but it will be another 5 years.

  3. Bob
    Perhaps we should microchip the vaccinated. What do you think?
    Apple wants to see all the photos you’ve taken with your phone to make sure they are acceptable.
    They’re not asking permission.

  4. @ Billy Bob

    I’m going to bed over and take a picture of my naked bottom and keep it on my phone just for them. With my middle finger appropriately extended.

  5. And yet the clown in the white house continues to allow thousands of Covid infected people to cross the border everyday.

  6. @ Tim j

    I appreciate your attempt to reason with these Nobel laureates but it is to no avail.

    They believe in an alternate reality. The election was stolen but Covid is a hoax is just one of many pertinent juxtapositions.

    Polling data shows 33% of all GQP members won’t get the vaccine while on 5% of Democrats feel the same. DeSantis is their hero while Florida has the worst hospitalization rate in the country. O2 is running out and children are dying. Their response…more please!

    Let nature and Darwin have their way.

  7. 63.2% of the stats you read on the Internet are made up.

    Considering blacks make up 20% of the Democratic Party, but are only 35% vaccinated, the idea that only 5% of all Democrats won’t get the vaccine is false on its face. You’d need to get blacks up to 75% and every other Democrat in the country would need to get the vaccine for you to get to 95% of Democrats. That’s not going to happen.

  8. @Tim j faux news? you lefties are really experts in burying your head in the sand to avoid the truth. Tell to us, Venezuelans. That what Alan said is false. Being a travel agent myself, I lost count of the number of tickets I sold to Mexico, to fellow Venezuelans, from just about anywhere in the world. To later find what the real purpose of the trip was. Just this past week 5 close friends crossed.

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