Motel 6 Will Pay $7.6 Million Settlement After Racially Profiling Guests, Trying to Get them Deported

Last year I wrote about Motel 6s in Phoenix working with ICE to get their guests deported. When Motel 6 would ‘leave the light on’ it was really the police siren light accompanying La Migra.

Motel 6 Phoenix – Northern Avenue, Credit: Motel 6

At one Motel 6 the hotel would fax guests lists over to the police without even having been asked to do so. At another property “anyone who didn’t look American” would get reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The chain which was sold by Accor to Blackstone Group in 2012 has agreed to pay $7.6 million to settle a class action lawsuit for violating the privacy rights of its guests.

Up to $5.6 million will go to Motel 6 guests who faced immigration removal proceedings after their personal information was shared. They are eligible to receive at least $7,500 each.

Another $1 million was set aside for guests who were questioned or interrogated by immigration authorities, with each guest receiving $1,000.

The remaining $1 million will go to guests whose information was turned over to immigration authorities from Feb. 1, 2017 to Nov. 2, 2018. They will receive $50 each.

Motel 6 promises not to share guest data with immigration authorities without a warrant, subpeona, or threat of a serious crime. But they only promise that for two years.

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  1. So, for anyone “who faced immigration removal proceedings after their personal information was shared. They are eligible to receive at least $7,500 each.” To qualify it would mean that they WERE here illegally and deported (the operative word here is ILLEGAL).
    I say give Motel 6 credit for reducing crime since “crime” is defined as doing something “illegal”.

  2. No the federal government does not have the right to know where I am spending the night unless there is some specific legal reason, such as a warrant for my arrest. I’m glad the class action suit was filed, and I’m glad Motel 6 had to pay up. If anyone “who didn’t look American” got reported to ICE, then I think they were engaged in even more serious criminal activity than if they simply always faxed over a guest list, reprehensible as that is. Who are they to say what an American looks like? Was it just this one rogue location? How do I find out if I am entitled to compensation?

  3. And just how do you think they know if you have a warrant issued on you??? Your tag number is scanned every time you traverse a toll booth and your cell phone is happily recording your movements when ever you change towers.
    I get on an airplane every 14 days, year round. Do you know who looks at my name the instant I book a flight? That’s right, big brother. The same one that insists I show my ID at the kiosk and before I go through security. I wonder why they never single me out? Oh wait I know, because the database I’m in lists me as LEGAL.

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