Naked Woman Walks Around Atlanta Airport Posing for Photos

A woman purchased a ticket with cash and then walked around Atlanta’s terminal B.. naked. She was ultimately taken into custody.

Here’s a portion of the escapade with the image blurred:

There are more videos at @fatdaddie2o1o and the images of the woman are not blurred. She even stops for passengers to take photos, shaking it. You have been warned.

One person claims she exited the Minute Suites in one of the videos of the incident although I haven’t seen that and it doesn’t make sense to me.

She doesn’t appear to be carrying cash or her Priority Pass card although it’s possible she went into the Minute Suites to take off her clothes. Even there I’m skeptical, a restroom seems more likely and if this were the case it would have been the first moment she was naked, onlooker video wouldn’t yet have started.

There’s something about airports that causes people to want to get naked, and I don’t think it’s the pure sexiness of air travel. With the sheer number of people who travel, and the stresses involved, a certain number of them just take off their clothes.

Last year I wrote about the man who walked through the Nashville airport naked and attempted to buy a ticket.

In 2015 there was a man who stripped naked to protest a flight delay on US Airways.

Sadly this is all much more common than you’d think.

Virgin America actually confirms that passengers are welcome to check-in in their underwear.

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  1. If a Kardashian did it or another celebrity I wonder if they would have been arrested…….hmmm, they do it all the time. Double standard.

  2. We need more of this kind of thing. Not the other one, I mean the Virgin customer who would be perfectly fine on United too, since I see no sign of leggings and I double-checked.

  3. It’s ‘Tasered’, not ‘tased’. Ever since that stupid ‘don’t tase me bro’ kid, people have been repeating that idiocy, and it’s become more annoying than the moron that got lit up.

  4. 1. Gary, I think you like the naked/underdressed passenger story theme WAYY too much.

    2. She should have pulled a “David Dao” and resisted arrest and gone limp, forcing airport police to drag her down the concourse, as a way of getting paid big bucks for bad behavior.

    3. Resist the temptation to remove your clothes in public unless you are certain the rendition will be of display quality.

  5. @steven k and the other body shamers, those are not very nice things to say about a human being. it makes you sound like a not very nice person and someone that average people don’t want to be around.

  6. It’s ludicrous, who the hell takes thier clothes off in an airport and runs around stark naked. What point are they trying to make,and how does this alleviate stress and anxiety?Where does this nonsense all end?

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