New Way to Stack Up to 2% Rebates On Top of Existing Rewards at Your Favorite Stores

Yesterday Doctor of Credit wrote about the Drop app which is like the now-defunct Plink — a double dipping tool that gives you points for spending money at a variety of merchants.

The great thing is that you register your credit cards and they know when you spend the money. This isn’t based on links you click. So you are still able to earn shopping portal points for your online purchases, and you still earn credit card rewards points for your purchases.

These are additional rewards layered on top of your existing earning for the purchases you already make. And you can earn up to 2% this way including at stores like Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Target and for Uber among other things. That’s huge.

  • There is no public link to join, only to get on the wait list.

  • What you should do is download the app. It’s called drop. I searched “Drop Loyalty” in the Android Play Store. They have an iPhone app as well.

  • Once you install the app you can register, but you need an invite code.

  • You can use my invite code: kc2dh (I believe we both get 1000 points)

I signed up using a referral code and my account appears to have been credited with 1000 points. So I think signup alone appears to be worth something. 1000 points are worth $1 in rewards.

  • Amazon earns 20 points per dollar, worth 2 cents or a 2% rebate
  • Target earns 10 points per dollar, worth 1 cent or a 1% rebate
  • Uber earns 15 points per dollar, worth 1.5 cents or a 1.5% rebate
  • Walmart earns 10 points per dollar, worth 1 cent or a 1% rebate
  • Starbucks earns 15 points per dollar, worth 1.5 cents or a 1.5% rebate
  • Seamless earns 20 points per dollar, worth 2 cents or a 2% rebate
  • Whole Foods earns 10 points per dollar, worth 1 cent or a 1% rebate
  • Walgreens earns 10 points per dollar, worth 1 cent or a 1% rebate

Doctor of Credit also reports that Trader Joes earns 1.5%; Safeway 1.1%; HEB 2%; McDonald’s 1%; Dunkin Donutes 1.7%; Chipotle 1.5%; 7 Eleven 1.9%; Shell 0.3%. You can only choose 5 merchants to earn with.

Earn with Uber and you’ll still receive points with Starwood Preferred Guest and your credit card rewards for the transaction. If you normally buy Starbucks gift cards at office supply stores for 5 points per dollar in rewards, of course, that’s an office supply store transaction and not a Starbucks transaction — that doesn’t earn with Drop.

They also have one-off offers like 2000 points with Amazon for your first purchase of $20 or more ($2). Other bonuses are currently 2000 points ($2) for adding a second bank login and 5000 points ($5) for referring 5 people plus a variety of other smaller items you’ll find under the ‘Discover’ tab and ‘unlock bonuses’ (once you earn a bonus you have to ‘claim’ the bonus there as well).

You can use your points for gift cards at more than 20 merchants like Starbucks, Amazon, Whole Foods, American Airlines,, iTunes and more.

The only thing that some folks will be uncomfortable with is providing the app with your bank login details, which they use to track eligible spend (they don’t pull details from the card itself the way Rewards Network and ThanksAgain do). However they use the same security as and explain that they do not store your actual login credentials and do not have access to account balances, only transaction details.

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  1. Do you know how many cards can be added? If I give them one Chase login, will it track and credit transactions from all five of my Chase cards on that login? Thanks!

  2. So what is their business model? Make money selling the aggregate transaction data like ibotta? If so, why limit to only 5 retailers?

  3. And if they have login info, how can they segregate transaction data from total balances? And if that is the case, they could theoretically capture ALL transaction data and then filter on the selected merchants instead of having their systems look only for the selected merchants.

    I want to know more before I hand it all over to them. For now, while I like the idea of earning at Trader Joe’s, I’d rather go the gift card route with bonus category spend.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Gary, I shop Amazon a lot and every little extra bit helps. If anyone wants to try my referral its 62ukr

  5. I did pretty well with Plink while it existed, so I’ll give it a shot too. My referral code (if anyone wants to use it) is 7xv9r.

  6. @ O

    i wldn’t be giving them your bank login.

    that would give them unfettered access to your accounts.

  7. Does this work with gift cards purchased from the selected retailers? MileagePlusX has a lot of these same retailers.

  8. Why would anyone give anyone their bank log in number? This site should not be recommending this.

  9. Signed up with Yul’s code.
    It seems pretty fluid-login and go. The benefit is that you can login to Chase once and all your cards are instantly connected.

    Mine is vwkh9

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