Alaska Airlines Board Room Discount

alaska airlines
Dec 05 2004

Through December 31st, Alaska Airlines Board Room (lounge) membership is on sale and so are day passes. For annual membership, the $100 ‘initiation fee’ is waived. For day passes, the usual $25 price is reduced to two for $25 or one for $15. To take advantage of the offer, call Board Room Administration at 206-392-5496 and use promo code BRGIFT04. Lounge passes make great gifts for your Seattle-area friends and my understanding is that they come without an expiration date.

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Diners Club Restaurant Rebate Promotion

Dec 04 2004

Diners Club is doubling the cashback from its restaurant savings program for your most expensive restaurant visit through the end of 2004. Registration is required. The Restaurant Savings Program is basically iDine, with cashback up to 20% rather than frequent flyer miles as the reward. You eat at a participating restaurant, pay with the card, and the rebate appears on your account statement. This promotion doubles that rebate, meaning savings up to 40% on a single visit. Make your reservation through the Diners Club concierge and you’ll also earn 500 Club Rewards points as part of their current promotion to get you to use their free concierge service. (First 3 uses yield 500 points apiece with 250 points thereafter, up to a maximum of 2000 bonus points per month. The promotion runs through January 31st.)…

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American Airlines AAward AAvailability ChAArt

american airlines plane
Dec 03 2004

American Airlines publishes a chart, perhaps updated weekly, with a rough guide to award availability between select city pairs. This isn’t nearly as useful as Continental’s real-time availability calendar, but it’s a start. The city pairs are all domestic, and availability appears to be listed strictly for coach awards, but some disclosure is better than no disclosure at all — although the color coding (white, yellow, green) eerily resembles something from the Department of Homeland Security.

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Goldpoints Transfer Bonus

Dec 02 2004

Through January 15, Goldpoints is offering a 50% bonus on points transfers to United and American.Then again, 1250 Goldpoints gets you an appetizer at TGI Friday’s…Update 12/3/05 5:45 am: The offer appears to be targeted and available only to those who receive it from Goldpoints via email. Sorry for any confusion and thanks to Free Frequent Flyer Miles for the heads up.

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Office Depot Coupon Codes

Here are several Office Depot coupon codes. Note that the free luggage is combinable with discounts so long as the order is of sufficient size.Free 3-Piece Luggage Set with $50 purchase: coupon code 31639089, expires December 14 $10 off $50: coupon code 23896353, expires December 31 $20 off $100: coupon code 73418862, expires November 30 and excludes memory, drives, and networking equipment $30 off $150: coupon code 52578186, expires November 30 and excludes memory, drives, and networking equipment And of course Office Depot participates in several mileage mall programs, with the AAdvantage Mall being the most lucrative at 2 miles per dollar spent, doubled for payments made with Mastercard by December 31st.

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Double miles on retail with Delta Amex

Nov 27 2004

The Delta American Express is offering double miles on retail purchases from February 1 through February 28, 2005, capped at 10,000 bonus miles. Registration is required. Note that if you pull up the full offer in order to register, the enroll graphic doesn’t seem to be working but the text link (which says ‘enroll’) does.

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