$34 off on JetBlue

The Upgrade: Travel Better blog points to a $34 roundtrip (or $17 each way) discount promotion on JetBlue. Start your flight search via their promo page and enter SEVENTEEN in the “promotion password” box. (Apparently teenage girls are worthy of an airfare discount.) The promotion is valid for travel through February 14.

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Delta Clamps Down on Award Routings

Jan 18 2007

This is probably too inside baseball and technical for most frequent flyer program members, but Delta has implemented some nasty changes in the way they allow (or don’t allow!) you to book awards. There’s a current discussion of this on Flyertalk, naturally. As of this month, awards can only have two stops each way domestically and three internationally. If you live in, say, Montana and want to get somewhere on the East Coast you already have to make two stops (in Salt Lake City and Atlanta) most of the time. No extra stops in order to find an available award, and no extra stops to utilize your allowable stopover in a non-hub city.You can also only use ‘published routings’ when constructing your award itinerary. I have a United award flying DC-New York-San Francisco-Osaka-Bangkok-Phuket (with stops…

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Free Hilton Gold Status

hilton hotel
Jan 17 2007

A new promo for Hilton Gold status – this one soliciting Emirates Skywards Gold members, but apparently anyone can sign up using this link, which just enrolls you with promo code EMOD. New accounts instantly receive Gold status, hearsay suggests the promo will only last through January 31 and that status will last until April 2009 (I would have expected April 2008, but Hilton status sometimes just lasts awhile). Some promos have worked out well in the past. Others, like the Citibank Chairman’s offer for Gold status, have prompted Hilton to revoke the status when used by folks not actually eligible for the offer. (I know of some folks that got the letter revoking their gold status, and yet the status mysteriously remained.) So, as with so many of these things, your mileage may vary…

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I’m Not a Fan of New York Hotels

Most places in the world, if you’re paying $450 a night for a hotel, you expect something out of the ordinary. In New York you can expect a bed. That’s the first reality check for folks not used to staying in Manhattan. The Holiday Inn Midtown usually goes for upwards of $369 a night. If you want to stay under $300, check out the Ramada. If you want closer to $200, there’s the HoJo’s at Penn Station. Even when you’re at a nicer property, rooms and bathrooms are uniquely small. Think 250 square feet. 350 square feet might be considered a junior suite. And — I can say this as a former New Yorker — the hotels are staffed by New Yorkers…. When I’m up in New York I’m most likely to stay at the…

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Tumi Winter Sale

Tumi, my favorite luggage brand, is having their winter sale — up to 40% off on discontinued styles and colors. This seems to come twice a year (most recently back in June) and items are available until they sell out. Even with the sale this isn’t cheap luggage. You won’t find any $35 wheeled carryons here. But Tumi is outstanding for the frequent business traveler.

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