Passenger Downs 4 Bottles of Beer, Vapes E-cigarette, Punches Flight Attendant all Before His Honeymoon

In February a man downed 4 bottles of Stella Artois at London’s Gatwick airport before a 9 a.m. easyJet flight to Egypt for his honeymoon.

He boarded the plane smoking an e-cigarette and was told he had to stop vaping. He responded to the flight attendant’s instruction with a homophobic outburst — before “knock[ing] out one of the cabin crew..with two punches” and sending him to the ground and then proceeding to attack a second flight attendant who responded to the situation.

The man’s new wife began to shout at him for having “f’d off” their honeymoon. He was arrested and removed from the aircraft where he decided to dig himself even deeper, calling an officer a ‘baldy c**t’ and then “thrashing around in the back of the police car.”

Our hero pleaded guilty to “common assault, criminal damage and interfering with performance of the aircraft crew” and has been sentenced to seven months of jail and has to pay ~ $1315 (£1,000) to his assault victim. Will his new spouse wait for him?

According to the airline,

easyJet is pleased that the court has realized the seriousness of the offence which is reflected in the custodial sentence that has been imposed. Whilst they are rare, easyJet takes all incidents of disruptive behaviour very seriously. We have a duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our employees.

Our employees are trained to assess and evaluate all incidents and act quickly and appropriately. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour and always push for prosecution.

(HT: Daniel M.)

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  1. Wonder if this is a covered reason for a refund for travel insurance. Wife makes claim under the category “my husband is nuts.”

  2. The drunk passenger with an anger management problem — this time it was a homophobia-related anger management problem — even on his honeymoon flight? He sounds like a real winner. Not!

  3. Some of us think Brexit can’t happen fast enough … these vicious white yobs should not be flying anywhere, period.

  4. +1 Ken! Most travel insurance policies cover “illness of a travel companion.” How about mental illness?

  5. I read that it was 4 pints of beer, ie a vast amount that would have most people dozing off to sleep /falling down( and proper beer at that, not the watery weak cat piss that passes for beer in the USA).
    It’s double standards by the court, though: most of the scumbags committing far more serious assaults get far lower sentences. They made an example of this guy because he did it on a plane ( and the fact that he’s a complete arsehole).

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