Passenger Who Lit Cigarette Inflight Says Police Beat Her After Flight Attendants Spiked Her Drink

A woman flying business class from Bodrum, Turkey to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport on August 3 lit a cigarette on board her flight and insulted police officers who took her into custody after landing, and claimed it was all a flight attendant’s fault – because she got drunk, which only happened of course because the crewmember spiked her drink, according to Russian and Turkish reporting.

According to flight attendants, the woman “screamed loudly during the flight, used foul language, waved her arms” and then lit up.

Somehow as part of this Irina Tammiruusu – who runs a Moscow travel agency – injured her leg, so she was taken off the aircraft in a wheelchair. She then cursed at police. She’s being charged with “petty hooliganism” and “insulting a government official” (a crime in Russia, not yet in the United States).

She claims, though, that she didn’t actually smoke on board – she just held the cigarette in her mouth.

Ms. Tammiruusu further claims she was beaten by police, and injected with mRNA “an unknown substance.” And she says she was in the right for her on board behavior,

I flew in business class, do you understand how much it costs? This is not an economy class.

She also feels that passengers who videotaped her inflight owe her “an apology.”

The owner of Tammiruus Travel faces a fine of up to three months’ salary, 360 hours of forced labor, or one year of imprisonment for insulting officials as well as a possible fine of nearly US$7000 and blacklist from the airline for smoking on board her flight reportedly operated by Pobeda, Aeroflot’s low cost carrier. However Pobeda flies Milas-Bodrum – Moscow Vnukovo and not to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport so I believe she was on board Aeroflot proper. Is it odd that I appear to have a friend in common with this woman on Facebook?

Last summer an airline passenger refused to wear a mask and then sat back and lit up a cigarette. It was hardly the first time this happened.

Before the pandemic a man downed 4 bottles of beer, vaped an e-cigarette, and punched a flight attendant. E-cigarettes of course are generally banned on planes just like regular cigarettes are (largely because some passengers might freak out and think they’re the real thing). Nonetheless a man who burned himself with his own e-cigarette sued the airline he was flying.

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  1. If you have enough “friends” on Facebook you’d be surprised at the common connections…..

  2. Would have been interesting if she really HAD lit up on fire. No sympathy from this corner. WHo doesn’t know at any time there is no smoking on an aircraft….

  3. Gary, Can you explain the meaning of this…
    “E-cigarettes of course are generally banned on planes just like regular cigarettes are (largely because some passengers might freak out and think they’re the real thing).”
    Wondering about the passengers freaking out part.

  4. One of the articles you link to and quote from says it was Aeroflot proper (not pobeda). Also, pobeda doesn’t have business class, only economy (although Aeroflot business class connecting passengers get additional luggage allowance, seat selection and ticket flexibility)

    ““I flew in business class, do you understand how much it costs? This is not an economy class, ”- indignant Tammiruusu. Perhaps the Aeroflot passenger did not have time to familiarize herself with the rules of conduct on board, but she knows for sure the immutable law that the best defense is an attack. Irina stated that she was beaten at the airport police.”

  5. Long flights: just take your vape in the bathroom like the rest of us smokers (before the flight) get your nicotine patch @ CVS then your all set

    Drinking alcohol or coffee makes me want a smoke, go’s together like PB&J, I stick to juice and water not to get tempted

    We did have smoking sections on flights my entire childhood Bos/Lax, I personally wouldn’t mind having a section in the back for us again (smoking studio) by B6, with powerful vents! with unlimited blue chips and booze

  6. Any passenger wishing to smoke while flying should be allowed to step outside and light up.

  7. @ DC

    Just stating people want to lite up as they fly, I don’t agree with her actions but I sure do understand it (just use a patch and take a Z)

    Btw, I’m the guy that brings 10 of the Miller clan + any nice stranger I find in the terminal with me in the AF Logan lounge, Thanks PP! I don’t know you personally but I have a hunch your the type that turns colors when you see crowds around your space as you nibble on your free tuna fish sandwich

  8. @ Miller508
    Plaza Premium and Alaska Lounges recently dropped Priority Pass. Taking 10+ relatives and strangers into PP lounges push lounges to create restrictions or drop the program. PP loses money when one paying cardholder takes 10+ non-paying guests in to eat and drink.

    U.S. airlines have made restrictions on lounge access and AMEX is increasing restrictions on lounge access. This is a result of people with an entitlement mentality who take everything they can.

    Airport lounges are shared spaces, not your “clan’s” space.

    As you said, you don’t know me, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to personally insult me? Sorry, I don’t eat tuna fish. And, no, I don’t turn colors.

  9. @DC

    You get upset @ smokers “wouldn’t mind if she opened the door during flight” sounds to me you would get aggravated when noise level in a lounge is above 30 decibels (chatty neighbors)

    Absolutely PP let’s “clans” in, not sure about every lounge but AF in Boston for sure does, I had 8… that was extreme but with my chase Ritz it’s allowed, I’ve used it several times this year alone, over 25 times since 2018, most of the time it’s me, player 2 and our son maybe with our twins, it’s really just a place to freshen up before our flight and charge our electronics

    And yes I eat 2 tuna sandwiches when I’m there

    I apparently was overboard when I put you in the category of people that get cross when lounges get to busy (my mistake for assuming) you just wouldn’t mind smokers exit planes during flight

    In short: I painted you as a Karen, that is pretty low nobody is deserving of that, We both are fans of the blog that’s what really matters, we’re both flying/travel enthusiasts

  10. @Miller508
    The death of millions of people bothers me. According to the WHO, tobacco kills over 7,000,000 people every year. That’s far more than Covid.

    I get extremely upset when entitled smokers try to force me to breathe their toxins. In 2013 I was on a train from Berlin to Prague and a pax took out a cigarette, lit it, then put it out when I stood over him with a liter of orange juice. A fellow pax called both the German and Czech conductors, who called the police. We stopped at the next town where the smoker was removed and arrested. The entitled smoker had no ticket, no ID, and was sitting in our First Class wagon. I wish they had tossed him from the moving train.

    With over 200 flights every year, I am in Centurion, United, Alaska, PP, and American lounges every week, far more than you. None of these allow more than 2 guests. Most are fairly full and noisy these days but full lounges, talking loudly, and tuna sandwiches don’t kill millions of people every year. If smokers only killed themselves, I wouldn’t have a problem. But second hand smoke kills unwilling, innocent victims. Thank you for not smoking on planes.

  11. Wow, 200 flights per year, those are “up in the air” #’s your status is truly earned

    My shortcuts:

    I use my plat AU benefits that’s how the clan gets in Centurion lounges, love LAS, MIA and DFW spaces, using my ritz PP I’m allowed as many as I want to bring in, btw SFO has 4 that are better than average

    Got globalist from staying 25 nights in a cat 1, enjoyed some lovely park Hyatt’s

    Plat Hilton from a single CC

    Marriott plat almost because they give it away (matched from last year 2 CC’s

    Star alliance status from Aegean (easy peasy) just some butt in miles/flights needed

    Thanks to these blogs I fly for peanuts

    Common theme with you and smokers Planes in flight, trains in motion = kick em out! maybe you need a cigarette?!? people who live in close contact with heavy smokers for several decades have a marginally higher risk of health problems. While this evidence is often exaggerated, the balance of probability suggests the risk is real. Passive smoking is being used to ban smoking in all manner of places – including office buildings, restaurants, pubs, near doorways, cars, and even pahks.

    I quit smoking years ago, it’s a filthy habit, I agree with you but more importantly, I would be nervous stuck in a metal tube with you! fizzy Diet Coke that spills on you?!? Maybe you will throw the FA out the emergency door

  12. Other than smoking, nothing bothers me. I see it all, every week, on my hurtling metal tubes.

    I am in SFO 2X/month. It only has 3 AMEX/PP lounges: Centurion, KLM, and AF (which is still Covid closed). On a happy note, the Alaska Lounge will open in SFO on August 31.

    I have AMEX Plat (Centurion & Delta lounges), CSR (PP lounges), plus I am a paid United and Alaska lounge member. Alaska gets me in to American lounges.

    You might not have flown much this year, but all of the above lounge systems have restricted, and will continue to restrict access. Only PP lounges allow unlimited guests with the Ritz Carlton card.

    SEA North terminal AS lounge is my favorite in the U.S. My home, IAH, has KLM & AF (PP and both open), Centurion, United, and American lounges I visit weekly.

    I am Alaska Gold 75K, United 1K, Delta Plat, American Plat, Hilton Diamond, Marriott Plat, IHG Plat.

  13. @ DC
    Your a true road warrior, I travel just for kicks 5 flights a year on average

    SFO has Restaurants available to PP not just lounges, makes it 5! That I’m allowed to visit including amex

    Please note, I do not travel with a dozen people making a headache for other travelers, we are considerate, it’s me and player two 75% of the time, my kids are well traveled, Western Europe, south east Asia and almost every major city in USA, they know the rats nest of CDG better than most adult business travelers

    We differ because I do not let people bother me, I don’t like what others do sometimes but it never aches me to the point of wanting them dead, I asked a b6 FA if I can move seats because a service animal near smelled, in short I got booted off lol, I was a possible disrupter, BTW I have a Pomeranian, I love animals I just don’t like to sit near dog ass for 3 hours

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