Passengers Who Joined Mile High Club Just Met At Airport

Last weekend video emerged of a flight attendant opening a lavatory door to reveal a couple having sex after passengers egged him on to do it.

Realizing they were exposed, the man inside quickly shut the door, while passengers cheered (and filmed).

We now know more about the easyJet flight incident.

  • It was headed to Ibiza on the man’s 23rd birthday.
  • He works as a car salesman.
  • He only just met the woman at the airport for the first time.
  • And his mother saw the video on television.

Officers met the aircraft on arrival in Ibiza. No one was arrested. Shouldn’t the flight attendant have been detained, for the invasion of privacy?

According to his mother, “You’re aware these things are going to happen at the holiday destination but you don’t expect it to happen on the flight.”

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  1. So the situation was only that he got started a little bit early? I suppose it is good time management since there is not a lot to do on the flight for many. I wonder if his partner knew before heading to the restroom that he was a car salesman.

  2. While this story is far better than the story of the guy masturbating under his blanket, which I think everyone could agree he would disqualified if he claimed to be a member of the mile high club.

  3. “Andy’s” lighten up a tad. They were hurting no one. The flight attendant is probably a lonely nerd who has no life and was hoping for a quick peek and moment of fame. Kudos to law enforcement for not wasting tax payers dollars by arresting on such a frivolous matter

  4. Baller! Holiday begins at the first drink at the airport. Lucky dude to run into the Hen Party. Curmudgeons, remember when you were once young & able? Or did life pass you by…

  5. Trailer trash. At least have respect for those aboard the aircraft. If his face is recognized by customers/management at his car dealership…buh bye customers.

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