Peak Hipster: Austin Gets the World’s First App-Based Robotic Specialty Airport Coffee House

In what may be the most hipster effort in an airport ever, Austin is going to get a Briggo robotic coffee haus near gate 8 opening July 17. This is the “first app-based, robotic, specialty coffee system installed in an airport.”

You can order your coffee and pay in advance with your phone, and then walk up to the machine and enter a PIN code for it to release your cup to you (to make sure you get the right drink and no one else takes it) or you can order directly at the machine.

The automatic coffee system makes your drink, charges you, and gives it to you when you’re ready.

I love Starbucks pre-order and then driving through, and I love apps like Grab that let you pre-order food in the airport and walk up and pick it up without any physical payment transaction. I’m so used to Uber and Lyft that I have to remind myself to pay when I get out of a taxi. And I hate waiting in line, I’d rather sit down in the lounge to get work done or power up my devices before a flight (since I often fly American).

Grab Pickup Window

Airport Starbucks locations can have super long lines in the morning. They often wrap around and down the terminal. Although nothing quite matches the efficiency of the Central Terminal Starbucks in Seattle which can have a dozen people working at a time and will process a line out the door in minutes.

Seattle Airport Starbucks

I like the pre-order option, especially if the coffee winds up any good, though it’ll be interesting to see how well this works at scale. How many coffees can the machine handle at once? What will the pickup line be like? I’ll try it out this month, since it opens in just a few days.

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  1. Remember the days where you put a quarter in a vending machine and it poured out a cup of coffee? Sure it was average but seems ahead of it’s time today. I wonder if you could link one of those to an app and let millennial folks go nuts 🙂
    Oh and cigarette machines. What better use than for MJ at the Denver airport 🙂

  2. Isn’t taking humans out of the equation the most anti-hipster thing, actually? Removing judgment, angst, etc.? I would totally use this, as a non-hipster myself

  3. I’m agree with @flightwonk. Unless a dude with a mustache or a girl with exotically dyed hair and piercings is making me a pour-over, it’s not hipster coffee. Maybe peak nerd, since there are robots involved.

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