Rare Status Match Offer From oneworld Airline, Get American Flagship Lounge Access Free!

StatusMatch.com is running a status promotion with oneworld airline Royal Air Maroc to give elite status to frequent flyers in most competitor programs across North America and Europe.

The match costs 49 Euros. Matched status lasts through March 31, 2023. And the offer will be available until May 31, 2022 – but could be pulled earlier.

They will match against myriad programs that are not part of oneworld:

  • Star Alliance: Aegean Airlines – Miles+Bonus; Air Canada – Aeroplan; Egyptair – Plus; Ethiopian Airlines – ShebaMiles; Lufthansa – Miles & More; Scandinavian Airlines – EuroBonus; South African Airways – SAA Voyager; TAP Air Portugal – Miles&Go; Turkish Airlines – Miles&Smiles; United Airlines – MileagePlus

  • SkyTeam: Air Europa – SUMA; Air France – Flying Blue; Czech Airlines – OK Plus; Delta Air Lines – SkyMiles; KLM – Flying Blue; Kenya Airways – Flying Blue; Middle East Airlines – Cedar Miles; Saudia – Alfursan

  • Non-alliance: El Al – Matmid; Emirates – Skyward; Etihad – Guest; Gulf Air – Falconflyer; JetBlue – TrueBlue Rewards; LATAM – LATAM Pass; Oman Air – Sinbad; Tunisar – Fidelys; Virgin Atlantic – Flying Club; WestJet – Westjet Rewards

If you’re an American AAdvantage, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, British Airways Executive Club elite or similar oneworld elite member not to worry! ITA Airways, the new Alitalia, is matching anyone with a pulse so do that first. Or do a Delta match to a tier status higher than what you already have if your email address is targeted by American Express for this.

They will match status like-to-like to either their Silver or Gold (but not Platinum) tier. Gold is oneworld Sapphire which gets you: priority check-in; priority boarding; extra baggage allowance; business class lounge access.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York JFK

The best benefit here is lounge access. oneworld sapphire members of frequent flyer programs other than American AAdvantage and Alaska’s Mileage Plan get access not just to American Airlines Admirals Clubs and Alaska Lounges but also to American Airlines Flagship lounges even when traveling domestically. That means nice bar setups and buffets at New York JFK, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and in a few weeks once again at Chicago O’Hare.

I plan to match to become a Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer Gold member. This offer may be of interest to you, too.

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  1. If you are already a One World elite there is zero value in the match unless you plan to fly this airline right? You already have One World status that includes lounge access (outside the US) unless I’m missing something. IMHO no reason to pay to match unless you don’t have any One World status already.

  2. @Retired Gambler– I think there is still value because you get lounge access, which is something AA and AS FF’s don’t get when flying domestically.

  3. FYI, you mention matching via ITA but forgot to list them in the eligible SkyTeam airlines list. I just completed the match and ITA is listed on their website.

    So in the past few months, I’ve matched from AA Plat to ITA Premium to now Safar Flyer Gold. Not bad for $49 total, but I am intrigued to see how busy the Flagship lounges become after this. Wonder if some of the folks who did the Finnair dance to get Flagship access have a little bit of buyers remorse right now.

  4. @John Ryan – that makes sense but I was under the impression AA didn’t allow Admiral’s Club access for anyone on a domestic ticket even if you got One World status from an international carrier. If you can then you have to decide if going to an Admirals Club (versus the other lounge options available through my Amex Platinum or Priority Pass) are worth the cost of the match.

    In my case it is a hard no. On the other hand I am likely unique in that in addition to lounge access from my Amex Platinum (including Priority Pass and have Priority Pass restaurants from my CSR) I am lifetime Platinum AA and lifetime Gold DL (both with over 3 million miles) and currently Platinum with UA so I have lounge access (except for domestic US routes) across all 3 airline alliances.

  5. Can anyone confirm whether this works for folks matching from ITA Airways who already have a Safar Flyer account (because many opened accounts when Royal Air Maroc was “seeding” new accounts with miles)?

  6. @Gambler: When your status is from a foreign airline, it’s no longer a “domestic” ticket. You’re an international traveler, even on an all-US itinerary. OW lounge access policies for Sapphire give you access to AC/FL.

    What this COULD require is having your RAM FF# in your itinerary and crediting to RAM vs. AA. Some folks get away with it/switch it, others don’t.

  7. The Oneworld match that really helped was from UA 1K to AA Plat which permitted me to select seats on BA flights without paying. Which for international flights was worth about $150 for each flight. Will this Royal Air Maroc status match allow that?

  8. Keep trying to make an account since im flying AA next week but keep getting a unexpected error message

  9. @ Gary — In Seattle, AS is on to the matching game. Finnair Platinum? They act like you are scum of the earth. They act their POS AS lounges are something special.

  10. Now if only the Air Moroc website would let me create a FF account… anyone else having issues?

  11. So far, still waiting on that Delta match (from AA CK). I personally think it was a shallow marketing plow to harvest data.

  12. Any datapoints on if you have your AA number on your boarding pass.. will they accept just the RAM card? I have had a lot of problems trying to switch FF# before a flight and am not sure lounge access is worth the huge customer service dance of getting my AA flight properly credited.

  13. So they denied my Air Canada 75K claiming it’s been used before for status match. I think that’s not true. So now, I’m matching my AA EXP to Air Italia. I just want to use flagship lounges at DFW before my flights.

  14. Some comments in regard to some of the posts above (we have BA Silver, AKA OW Sapphire status, so this gives the same benefit):

    1. Flagship access is for member plus (at least) 1 guest – that’s all I bring so all I know about
    2. FL access *does not* require that the credit go to the partner airline. I’ve given the number in each case and only had one instance where it was accidentally credited to BA. I ask each time and they indicate that it will still credit to AA, even though I access via BA status.

    If we did not have BA silver (due to expire in December, so have to renew until Dec. 2024), this would be worth it. This is really only 3-month extension for us, though, and easier to renew BA Silver at the end of the year.



  15. Flying business on BA back home, this will help with selecting a seat on an already booked award ticket?!?

    Nearly $1200 in fuel fees and nearly 200k miles for 3 tickets but can’t pick a seat is aggravating

  16. Also receiving the “unknown error” notice. Is this due to the quirk mentioned regarding answering “American” for nationality and “United States” for country?

  17. Also not able to sign up (getting “unknown error” message). Just got off the phone with customer service, who was unable to help (they could not sign me up manually, and also they said that “their website is working fine”). Not super helpful…told me to keep trying the website, and if it doesn’t work, to email them. Will do both.

  18. Quick question. I had the AA Executive card for years and had access to the AA lounge even when traveling on other airlines. When AA changed the entry rules to require an AA (or Oneworld) flight to enter I dropped the card. I’m assuming if we did this match (DL Gold), I would still need to be flying on OW / AA to gain access?

  19. I keep trying and still the same “unexpected error”. Are there really that many of us trying to get on?

  20. @Hal you got Air Canada 75K in a status match from statusmatch.com so they know you didn’t earn it, go match that to ITA Airways first and then go back.

  21. The MILLIONS of people who read
    “View from the Wing” broke the website!!!!!

  22. Not seeing ITA in the list of airlines eligible for status march on Royal Air Maroc website. Gary how are you planning to get matched with ITA than?

  23. Same problem, repeatedly getting the same error for the past several hours: “Your request failed to complete Unexpected error.”…despite using different browsers…extremely frustrating.

  24. …and using Safari resulting in not even getting to a RAM webpage:

    “Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.”

    Perhaps the server was overwhelmed?

  25. Question: I’m flying AA on an award ticket, so my AA number will be on the boarding pass. Is there a way to switch the BP to my Royal Air Maroc number?

    Question two: Can somebody remind me of the guest policy for oneworld access to AA lounges on OW Sapphire? It’s been a while.


  26. 3:40p CST, using Chrome, I got the same error msg as a lot of you did when trying to set up a new RAM account. Oh well, it was exciting to think of a status match, even just for 10 mins…. bait & switch? Or overwhelmed website?

  27. @Michael,

    1. No need to have the RAM number on the BP if you don’t want. Not necessary for access.

    2. At least one guest (I always bring one). AA website will have more info.


  28. Not able to create an RAM account. Tried 2 browsers and VPN and no luck. Also where does it say in terms and conditions that ITA is approved airline to match ?

  29. @ brp

    I’m not sure about AA lounges, but you’ll be denied access to AS lounges if you have AS FF number on your boarding pass.

  30. @Karo,

    I’ve entered AS lounges a couple of times with this status with AA number on my BP. One time I did get grief, one time not at all. In the first case, I changed it back at the gate.

    For AA, though, no issues as they are OK with it.


  31. I status matched to ITA. Received an email confirmation today my match had been accepted, but my account doesn’t yet reflect it. Anyone know how long this takes to show up your account?

  32. anyone been able to create an account – I’ve also tried various browsers – icognito mode – laptop vs mobile phone – etc. No luck.

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