Some Hyatt Globalists Being Given American Airlines Executive Platinum Status

American Airlines ConciergeKey members receive Hyatt Globalist status – top tier, although confirmed suite upgrades are based on nights stayed rather than status so the benefit doesn’t include those.

It seems like Hyatt is extending a similar reciprocal benefit to some of their top tier Globalist members. Surprisingly, these Globalists – rather than rarified Courtesy Card members – are being given American Airlines Executive Platinum for 2020 (expires January 2021).

A reader emailed me earlier that he had received a phone call from his Hyatt concierge letting him know he’d receive Executive Platinum status. So far he has 55 nights and less than 25,000 base points, so he’s not an ‘overperforming’ Globalist either.

There are other reports of this as well. All have reported being informed by phone call. Data points I’m aware of so far are from the New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco markets.

Are you a Hyatt Globalist? Have you received word that you’ll be given American Airlines Executive Platinum status?

  • I’d assume no current AAdvantage Executive Platinums are receiving this
  • And that they’d know based on having linked American and Hyatt accounts together in their profile
  • I’m curious if we can ascertain a criteria that’s being used. Whether you’ve been targeted for this or not, what’s your stay pattern like?

The American Airlines-Hyatt partnership is new this year. So far it’s been nice to double dip on points-earning. Some folks have benefited from status challenges. However being straight-out given American’s Executive Platinum status is really generous.

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  1. @ Gary – Wow, what a slap in the face to those that earn it. Mark this as yet another reason to just ditch loyalty altogether.

  2. Prob targeting low AA usage vs the hotel pattern – getting heavy DL / UA / WN fliers who sometimes fly AA to give a shot

    Smart, easily controllable tactic

  3. Got the call from my concierge yesterday about the ExPlat status upgrade. I hardly fly AA but have status with DL.

    I’m Detroit based to add a geographic data point.

    100+ nights with Hyatt this year, nearly all business/revenue stays.

  4. No, I busted my a$$ to do the status challenge they offered over the Summer to Globalists. Considering what I had to spend as well as BIS miles to earn it, this ticks me off!

    I’ve had 5 RT flights since earning EP and not one upgrade has cleared, I’m usually several slots down the upgrade list. So many CKs and EPs now, can’t image upgrade odds for those with less status.

  5. Courtesy card. SF area. 4.3 million Hyatt points, 650,000 base points YTD (112 nights). Lifetime globalist underlying courtesy card. AA is linked. AA lifetime platinum. NOt too much AA activity this year, what being in SF. Mostly use Singapore Air. No such call/offer.

  6. @thesilb

    how do you earn 650k base points a year? that’s $130k a year at 5x earn rate? you can’t be earning all of that on 112 nights. Do you run conferences at Hyatts and earning points that way or something? I wonder what kind of treatment you get at Hyatts… I am nothing compared to you at 57 nights with ‘only’ 31,000 base points YTD and I thought I was getting recognized.

  7. +1 Seattle market. I mirror your 55 night/low base points example in your post. Top status with AS, barely fly anything else.

  8. I just this minute got a call from my Hyatt Concierge offering me AA EXP as described in this post.

    I fly AA pretty seldom. I am mostly a WN guy out of Chicagoland. Have just completed my second year of Globalist with 65 nights and a few more to go this month. Mostly night-in-bed, half paid and half on points. Some thorough WOH CC spend.


  9. Nothing here with 66 nights so far this year. I do wish that Hyatt would be transparent and announce the criteria they’re using. Otherwise it looks like either some secretly chosen few getting it or else the Magic 8 Ball is making the decisions. Neither makes Hyatt or AA look good.

  10. @Aaron – don’t worry. I have low-level status in DL and UA and am at 82 nights with Hyatt so far, and they haven’t given it to me. I suspect this is very targeted.

  11. I doubt my Hyatt Concierge knows who I am, much less knows my phone number.

    Globalist here. No status with AA. No phone call.

  12. Globalist with 70+ nights YTD. Got the call and was pleasantly surprised.

    I book most of my rez online myself and reach out to concierge a few times a year for those family vacations needing suite upgrades. I tried to learn a thing or two about them, and they got to “know” me as well. From my understanding, there’s no real process and it’s really up to your concierge agent to decide (and their bosses to approve).

  13. @VX_Flier, give it a little push!

    A buddy of mine just forwarded this article to his Hyatt Concierge, and, viola, got AA EP until 2021!

  14. Here’s my DP. Called last night to make a Guest of Honor reservation for a friend and was informed that I was given the AA ExPlat status. Just made Globalist for the first time back in Sep. I’m at 70 nights this year; half actual stays, half from WofH credit card spend. Fly AA 4-5 times per year. Live in Syracuse, NY.

  15. I’m based out of Austin . My Concierge called me this week with Executive Platinum though Jan 2021 currently Globalist and Platinum Pro. Qualified Globalist with about 80 nights last year and will slip in with 55 for 2020. This year only have about 6k AA qualifying miles so was going to be out of AA status for 2020. My advice, make good friends with your Hyatt Concierge and don’t forgot to keep them on your Christmas list.

  16. Hyatt Courtesy Card here with 120 nights a year in Hyatt properties. Was offered this AA perk in early Dec. I’m a UA GS member and will look to use this perk for Latin American travel in 2020.

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