Sydney Homeowner Trolls Airline Passengers With “WELCOME TO PERTH” On His Roof

A man in Sydney, Australia is trolling airline passengers arriving into the city. He’s painted “Welcome to Perth” – which is the capital of Western Australia, and on the other side of the country – onto his roof.

He was apparently painting a building he owns anyway and had his painters add this to their job. They used road paint “so it doesn’t go unnoticed” according to the owner. One passenger shared online that they’ve been fooled, and wondered if their flight which had taken off from Perth had to divert.

While first posted on Facebook, the photo really took off when it made it onto Reddit on Friday, with users making comments such as “Pilot be like, ‘stupid GPS'” and “How long till there is one in Perth saying ‘Welcome to Sydney’?”

Another captured the mood by commenting, “I am exactly the type of person that would finally manage to get five minutes of sleep just before landing, wake up to this dazed and confused and freak the f— out. Bravo,” one person wrote.

It’s apparently too new to show up in Google’s satellite image. The effort turns out to be inspired by the Welcome to Cleveland sign in Milwaukee on top of a home since 1978.

Landing in Sydney always makes me think of this classic Paul Kelly song,

(HT: Don W.)

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  1. Meanwhile in America, liberals constantly have panic attacks when landing on runway 12 at MIA having to see the giant “TRUMP” on the roof of Trump National Doral

  2. For years some guy has had “Welcome to Cleveland” on the roof of his garage, on approach to Milwaukee.

  3. @rude bandit in his defense didn’t the Dems scream “Russia stole the election!” For like 4 years and two inquiries that cost billions and found it all to be BS.

    Im not American so I’ve got no cat in this fight but people in glass houses probably shouldn’t complain too much eh

  4. @MYSELF

    With all due respect, you know neither how I felt about the “Russia stole the election” fiasco nor which asinine political party I belong to. Both sides have completely lost their minds in the past few years.

    With even more due respect, I really don’t care to hear from the international peanut gallery about the insanity going on in the USA. We already have our hands full dealing with domestic buffoons. Good day, eh!

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