United Airlines Wants The Federal Government To Build Them A New Concourse At Washington Dulles

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  1. Truth be told, I also kind of want the federal government to build a new concourse for United Airlines at Washington Dulles.

  2. @ Gary — Yet another reason NOT to pass the latest round of government handouts. Vote Manchin-Sinema 2024.

  3. It’s fair to expect Dulles to build a new terminal, after all, they did build the B concourse which foreign carriers as well as some domestic carriers enjoy.
    Terminal C/D where United operates out of was a temporary facility. It’s night and day compared to tge B concourse which is clean, spacious, beautiful.

  4. Remember a few years ago when the Big 3 were crying crocodile tears about foreign airlines getting open handouts?

  5. Regardless of who is paying for it, that airport is ridiculous and need a change. It seems like that building was built to be something else and they decided to improvise an airport instead. The carpet, those ramps, all that useless space to walk… it’s terrible for people using a 4 wheeler suitcases. You literally need a physical therapist after dragging your bags on that carpet up and down for 1 day. I can’t stand that airport. Nothing there was designed correctly. They could copy Atlanta’s design.

  6. I believe the Federal government may allegedly cave into the wants of United Airlines. And who knows if the Feds may secretly give them a Stimulus? Who knows?

  7. If the airline wants it then they either pay for it themselves or, as is common practice the world over, negotiate a deal with the airport operator.
    That deal could be fee waivers/ reductions, slots ( if within preview although doubtful in this case). Part pay, lounge/ GH/ other services etc etc.

    It’s a deal between them and the airport and of that doesn’t work then if they’re that desperate then they fund it themselves.

    The one revenue stream it shouldn’t come from is the tax payers who’ve already bailed them, and the other carriers, out repeatedly.

    The entitled arrogance here is gross

  8. MWAA hopes that the federal government makes a contribution, not to fully pay for it. Recall, that until recently, flyers paid for airport capital investments through the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. These are not taxpayer revenues, but user revenues (i.e., those who fly). Since Covid-19, when governments around the world placed regulatory restrictions on businesses, there has been some government aid, and Congress is looking at an infrastructure bill that would presumably use some taxpayer money. But under any scenario, airline passengers will pay for the lion share of IAD capital expenditures (and for every other commercial airprot program in the nation).

  9. I totally support a new C/D terminal at Dulles. The government should pay for it.

    (For those who try to drag Senators Manchin and Sinema into this discussion, let the record show that they’re very happy to take government money for their own states.)

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