With Few Passengers, Two Airlines Resort To Selling Inflight Meals Online

In 2014 Air Food One attempted home delivery of LSG Sky Chefs meals. They were delivering leftover airline food throughout Germany. That effort … didn’t make it.

But while you’re stuck on the ground you can make your own United business class meals with the Polaris cookbook.

Thai Airways is completely grounded but could live on selling frozen Thai food under the airline brand. And AirAsia has a restaurant serving their inflight ‘food for sale’ meals on the ground.

A month ago one airline entered the (very small, if it even exists at all) market for home delivery of airline meals, Air North – a Canadian airline based in Whitehorse, Yukon – will deliver frozen meals to your door. Their service area, sadly, is limited to Whitehorse. They also offer pickup service. (HT: One Mile at a Time)

Why frozen meals? They’re in Yukon, so they cook the meals and by the time they reach you they’re frozen. (Not really.) There are seven choices, and prices run about US$6 apiece.

Now Russia’s Ural Airlines is “delivering its in-flight meals to customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.”

Ural Airlines’ service offers the staples of airline meals – chicken, meat and fish – as well as orange, apple and tomato juice. The meal is served on a traditional airline tray.

In Moscow, a business class meal of chicken costs 1,250 roubles ($16.65), while an economy class meal costs 550 roubles ($7.33).

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Вкус путешествий, не выходя из дома! ✈️ ⠀ Друзья, чтобы вы не забывали о приятных моментах путешествия, авиакомпания «Уральские авиалинии» запускает собственную доставку блюд из бортового рациона для жителей Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга и Екатеринбурга. ⠀ 🙌 Всё, как в самолёте, за исключением вида из окна. ⠀ Что желаете? ⠀ ✅ Курица; ✅ Мясо; ✅ Рыба. ✅ А из напитков? ⠀ Все блюда сервируются по всем правилам авиационной кухни, поэтому за качество и безопасность мы ручаемся! А ещё рацион доставляют исключительно в привычных для путешественников касалетках. ⠀ 🔥 Заказывайте по ссылке в описании профиля. ⠀ 👍 Чтобы вы в полной мере ощутили себя в полете, 5% от суммы каждого заказа будут начисляться бонусами на вашу карту лояльности «Крылья». Зарегистрироваться в программе всегда можно на сайте авиакомпании.

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It seems as though many of the supply chain disruptions earlier in the pandemic are working themselves out. Masks, sanitizer, and toilet paper have been easier to get. Still, maybe not from Ural Airlines but I could see airline meal delivery services finally taking off. I’d happily pay for Singapore Airlines laksa or ANA ramen at home.

Frozen Canadian airline Thai food and Russian chicken, though, seem like more of a stretch.

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  1. Interesting! Perhaps Amtrak’s new CEO can evaluate the viability of these concepts in lieu of the pathetic packaged meals now served to sleeper passengers? Note coach passengers verboten from diners; referred to cafe car for Guantanamo-style rations.

    If only Amtrak learned how to benchmark to European and Canadian lines, it would most certainly learn their are far better ways to offer and serve a refreshing change from its current pathetic concept.

    Just proves the point how Amtrak is in dire need of F&B management with proven expertise in the field. Currently, Amtrak has not even learned to cut cash and product losses with bar-coding, let alone a POS IT program. Perhaps if it was not a ward of the feds for 49 years, it would have long ago studied and identified an appropriate F&B program, that even the Russians have learned to evolve.

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