Woman Removed From Coach Seat Because Her Breasts Were Too Large

When considering plastic surgery, you should consider all of the costs – not just the price quoted by the nip-and-tuck service provider. Those costs can come in unexpected forms. A woman who works as a model and exotic dancer and claims to have the largest breasts in the United Kingdom at size 32T says she was forced to leave her seat because she’s so hypermammiferous.

After several months working in the U.S. she was flying home from Las Vegas to London Gatwick on August 22. She intruded into the space of other passengers and was made to sit in the jump seat at the rear of the aircraft.

Leia Parker, a glamour model and exotic dancer from Twickenham, has claimed that she was forced to sit in a jump seat at the back of the plane and alleges she was “treated poorly” by staff and fellow passengers on a flight from Las Vegas, US, to London Gatwick due to the size of her breasts.

Leia explained that she couldn’t help touching other passengers while squashed into her small economy seat. She claims fellow passengers complained about this and asked cabin crew to move her.

“The seats being small is not good for my boobs – I struggle to not be in other passengers’ way,” she said.

There’s a good solution to this. Southwest Airlines requires that ‘passengers of size’ buy two seats. Then, if the flight isn’t full, they’ll refund the second seat but the passenger still gets guaranteed two. They receive the seating space they need, and so do other passengers.

U.S. airlines generally will sell passengers a blocked middle seat though the booking process can be cumbersome. Several international airlines, though, will even sell extra seats or even a whole row through the booking path. You don’t even necessarily need to buy a business class seat!

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  1. Breast implants are made of Silicone gel or saline. Thus she would have more Saline in her breast and thus she would be same same in the Atlantic / Pacific but in freshwater she would sink to the bottom.

    Southwest would call a person who can not fit in one seat a COS Customer of Size This is usually because they have a big a$$ but this one has a small brain and is top heavy. she needs to pay for an upgrade to business class for each of the girls to sit in.

  2. This person does not exist. All of those images are photo shopped of different models that we have been reporting this fake individual for years they steal money from people and now writing this article you’re helping somebody commit fraud. All the original links have been removed and it was taken off all the legitimate website’s. Why don’t journalist do some homework and actually look up and call the places where this individual says they’re working and find out they’ve never heard of this individual instead of just reporting what other people say.

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