Woman Says She Was Shamed By Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Over Her Crop Top

Sierra Steadman took to TikTok – you can now stream her complaints free on American Airlines! – to complain that Alaska Airlines shamed her and threatened to kick her off her flight because of the top she was wearing.

A flight attendant, she says, asked to zip up her jacket. She says she complied. Then Ms. Steadman says the flight attendant grabbed her and pulled her back to berate her. Ms. Steadman emphasizes, “My problem is with how she acted after I complied with her request.”


ive never felt more degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry or sad. F ALASKA AIRLINES!!!!!!! #fyp

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Here’s the crop top and shorts she says she was wearing along with a hoodie:


Reply to @emma.el15 ##greenscreen

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She posted an apology email she says she received from the airline which reads in part, “Alaska strives to provide exceptional service to our customers. From what you have shared, it is apparent that we have failed.”

There’s a certain conservatism to Alaska Airlines. They used to place prayer cards on meal trays. they ended the 30-year practice in 2012 (they started offering it only in first class in 2006, when they stopped providing meals in coach). The idea originally came from a marketing executive who brought the practice to Alaska from Continental.

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  1. I’m surprised this article doesn’t have a photo of that woman checking into a Virgin flight in her underwear. Given that Alaska bought Virgin.

  2. I’m with Ryan above. And I am female. Some of the later generations were just not raised to be respectful (including self-respect) and of others. IF the pictures provided were what she was wearing, it does appear one top was especially baring considerable flesh. It’s not the damn pool. And it does seem she is aware of chance taking (being called out on it) and more upset that the FA said something. Could FA have been more discreet…lately I wonder whose role it is to be the bag and dress code police. Why are these folks even getting beyond the gate agents? But then I haven’t flown in a long while. Then again I have some self respect and would not dress in such a way for my own comfort and temperature changes as well.

  3. Perfect white trash dress and attitude. She should be flying on Spirit on her way to the Jerry Springer show.
    I think to avoid misunderstanding, all airlines should post proper dress codes in their travel rules.

  4. What did the FA say? That would appear to be important. Likely it was all on-point and Sierra Steadman is just too important to be told anything by anyone else.

    Also, why does she have her key ring stuck up her nose? So that she doesn’t forget her keys? What does she store up her arse? A thumb drive with all her greatest tik tok hits?

  5. Perfect example of failed American parenting and liberal trash psychologists that push these failed parenting techniques.

  6. Poor thing – “I’ve never felt more degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry or sad.” I’m glad to read this … being an idiot should make you feel just like this. Good for the Alaska FA. You can stop whining now, dear, and get some help jump-starting your brain.

  7. I’ve never seen TickTok before, but basically, this is similar to a bra. Are people not allowed to wear a bra as a top on a plane?

  8. Ah, can always count on Gary’s comments to be a bunch of awkward cowardly incels lashing out at women and a perceived liberalism.

    Imagine thinking that this act makes you “tough” lmao.

  9. Well, she has bitten off more than she can chew now. The worthless main stream media has picked this up because they have no ethics left and will print anything that gets a rise out of people and will sell ads (Not to mention Mr Leff over here….). I guess now she can forever be known as that little whore on the Alaska airlines that had to open her mouth when she was wrong. Have fun explaining that to your kids if you don’t melt in the heat before you get that far Ms Snowflake.

  10. Ryan: No, we are simply expressing our disgust for the me me me professional victim generation of super special snowflakes. There are still plenty of women that have respect for themselves and others, not this girl and those like her. Judging by the way her mother immediately went after the airline instead of slapping her daughter and asking her why the hell she was out in public dressed like a whore, her parents have a lot of the blame here too. Unfortunately Alsakan immediately went into PR mode and caved with an apology for upholding their own dress code on their flight. It is funny that they all wonder why so many people ignore and break the rules on their flights….because all you have to do is cry media whore victim loud enough afterwards and they are licking your boots and encouraging a few thousand other self centered little snowflakes or deranged idiots to ignore the rules too. Oh, and by the way….I don’t need little pinheads like you to validate how “tough” I am as that is an asinine quality that only the simple minded aspire to or care about.

  11. Why is our United States of America so LAZY!?
    What are people so angry about that they need to be “unique”?
    Sad for our country.
    IMHO- its all due to social media/ media in general.

  12. Difficult to grasp the IQ level of someone who doesn’t know how to dress for a flight and is so easily degraded and ashamed and whatevered. Are we to believe that this is the first time she’s ever sought attention from the public? Who’s trophy wife is she? This reminds me of the commenters here who obviously read the blog, then make derogatory comments about the author and what is written. Are people really so desperate for attention that they’ll make complete fools of themselves?

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