“Fat Trophy Wife” Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Flight For Her Crop Top

A month ago a young woman says she was shamed by Alaska Airlines over her crop top. Now another woman has taken to TikTok to post video of her police interrogation after being removed from an Alaska Airlines flight over her top. In a second video she shows she’s traveling on a later flight, wearing that same top.

The woman, who calls herself “Fat Trophy Wife,” was enroute to a rap performance in Fairbanks, Alaska. She reports that she was approached three times by flight attendants before being removed over her clothing. She was “asked..to put [her] shirt on…and then they approached me again, saying that I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing and it’s inappropriate. And I said ‘I’m covered up, I’m fine.”


@alaskaair Flight attendant harassed and called the airport police on me for my inappropriate outfit. ##bbw ##plussize ##plussizeedition ##bbws ##fyp

♬ original sound – Trophy


@alaskaair called the police on me for wearing this outfit ##bbw ##plussize ##plussizeedition ##flying ##airline ##alaskaairlines ##bbws ##thicktok

♬ original sound – Trophy

I’d add that in the video of her interlocution with law enforcement, seen over 1.3 million times so far, she’s wearing her face mask below her nose.

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  1. “she’s wearing her face mask below her nose”

    Gary, when did you turn into a mask sniper?

    I’ll bet you were a hall monitor in junior high.

  2. Question-Gary when did you turn into a mask sniper?

    Answer- when it became apparent that over 5 mil people would be dead from a virus and a mask would have saved countless of those lives, Ex-UA


  3. There is a problem regarding consistency. If she were thin and showing a sliver of her mid-drift, I am confident the airline would have no problem. Throw her off because of her mask, well, OK. Insist she buy a second seat because of her size, well, OK. But I can’t see implementing a policy that BELOW some unstated, unknown girth you can show mid-drift, and ABOVE some unstated, unknown girth you cannot.
    For the record, I don’t think anyone should be showing mid-drift.

  4. Attire and conduct shall be consistent with the intended use of this facility.

    I can’t tell you what pornography is but I know it when I see it.

    Our plane, our judgment call.

    Airline X doesn’t allow this or that, Y does.

    It is a straight-forward consumer choice. Take your pick. But, no complaints.

    It’s not “fat.” It’s “more to love.”

  5. WN airline codes people tickets as COS = Customer of Size when they need to buy 2 seats because they can not fit into one seat. FedEx has different size boxes based on the packages. Women’s clothes does the same thing. Express cloths for the skinnys and Lane Bryant for the 16+ a Size not an Age. You can not but a Speedo on a Watermelon .

  6. Gross in so many ways. She says she is supposed to “perform”. As what? No need to perform any more than she already did on the plane.

  7. I definitely don’t want to look at that

    However, on that note, If this was only about what she was wearing and what she was wearing was accurate in the video, I think she is 100% correct that she was being harassed.

    Just another reason to dislike FA’s. FA’s, the new job when you want to have a power trip.

  8. I did wear the mask below my nose for short time at the airport because I was drinking soda.. you guys CANNOT judge on her. You guys are so disgusting me!! You guys have no respect!!

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