World’s Dumbest Hotel Housekeeper Steals From World’s Stupidest Guest At MGM’s Vdara Las Vegas

A housekeeper at MGM’s Vdara in Las Vegas is accused of stealing more than $1 million in jewelry from a guest room consisting of “two Rolex watches, an Audemars Piguet watch, a Cartier watch, seven diamond Cuban link chains, a couple of bracelets and a gold ring.”

Here’s the story of tweedle dee and tweedle dumber:

  • The guests were traveling with over $1 million worth of jewelry. They left it unattended in their hotel room.

  • The housekeeper went into the room using her key card. She found the jewelry and took it. The woman called someone in prison – whose phone calls are recorded – to talk over doing the crime. She left the bed half-made and left cleaning supplies behind.

I’m genuinely not sure which party made worse choices here, except that the guests seem likely to recover their jewelry (if indeed they have proper ownership, and it’s three men sharing one hotel room – albeit at an ‘all suite’ hotel – yet they had over a million dollars in jewelry between them?) and the housekeeper seems likely to be convicted on charges related to the burglary.

If you’re the guest, maybe talk to the hotel about holding the jewelry for you? Or at least opt out of daily housekeeping and place a do not disturb on the room?

And if you’re the housekeeper, don’t get your life advice from someone who’s in prison (they already got caught!)? Oh, and she called the inmate back multiple times after doing the crime too.

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  1. Well at least now I know of someone (s) who could use the Lufthansa First Class amenity kits watch holder to reuse the case 😉

  2. Did they earn Hyatt points for their stay?
    Any bonus points or free nights as a goodwill gesture?
    Of course that’s all that matters 😉
    I guess those guests won’t be calling for nightly turn down service
    I suppose the housekeeper can always claim she thought the watches and jewelry
    were a tip? 🙂

  3. All the parties in this case have front-row seats at the dumbest people in the world championship!

    Remember, it’s the opportunity that makes the thief. She could not resist when she saw all those gold & diamonds right there.

    If I were the Vegas police, I would definitively investigate the guests as to where those watches are coming from and keep them as evidence until lawful ownership can be proven.

  4. In fairness, it seems she rifled through their bags to get the jewelry as opposed to just stumbling across it

    My guess is the guys were planning on going out to get wasted, and hiding the jewelry in their bags seemed like a better idea than waking up with no jewelry and no memory of the night before. That said there were better options.

    The housekeeper though is spectacularly dumb.

  5. Victim blaming and shaming is not ok, no matter how stupid the behavior. The sole responsibility for this fiasco lies with the criminal.

  6. I had a Patek Calatrava stolen from a penthouse in W miami. Insurance covered it. Couldn’t report it to police because we had too much coke in the room. If I ever found the maid, I would have her deported and have them killed back home… assume it would be cheap.

  7. This story should be made into a comedy movie.

    From the linked article, “Court records indicate Melendez has posted bond, and a status check hearing is scheduled for June 20.”

    Given this is Las Vegas, wonder what the odds are on her skipping bail? Hope the judge was smart enough to set a high bail, or the third idiot in this story might be him (or her).

  8. Mike, please don’t become a cop. Under the 4th Amendment, police need probable cause to seize someone’s property.

  9. If you are an honest person you will not take anything that doesn’t belong to you no matter the circumstances. The housekeeper deserves what she gets. The guests are the victims ( stupidity aside) and should be treated as such. If it turns out that the items stolen were stolen then please refer to my opening sentence of this post.

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