World’s First Lie Flat Premium Economy Seat and Korean Air Nut Rage Dad Bashes Pilots

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  1. Great idea on the Premium Lie-flat seats. I have often wondered why more aircraft don’t design lie-flats like the “couchettes” in trains, with each seat staggered above/below. Charge a price 2/3 that of Business and pack more pax in–you’ve got a winner.

  2. In regards to the Hong Kong piece, you will be surprised to find that this is rather the norm in many places. Take South America, for instance, where universities are commute only, and housing is offered only on an as-needed basis (to those of less favorable background) or those with means can actually afford it. Further, married couples often live separate until they have a good/steady job and can afford to buy their own place. I would assume the same applies in Europe, Australia, etc.

  3. I have a Hong Kong friend who married a couple years ago to a guy in his late 30s. Housing prices was at its peak so they split time between their parents (timeshare??). Housing prices have been crazy for the last few years and salary has been almost flat for a long time. For average young couples, if you rent, you will never save enough to buy. Even worse, some need to support their parents. I live in the Bay Area where many would already consider expensive. Folks always say, “for a 2-bedroom here, you can get a palace in Midwest”. I say, “for the same price, you can also get a shoebox storage room in Hong Kong”. The housing price vs. Pay ratio in Hong Kong is just ridiculous. Most young couples rely on their parents for down payment. If you are not born rich, you are stuck.

  4. lay-Flat Premium Economy. I didn’t expect that development although it will be much welcomed.
    I think the layout of the cabin will make it hard to resist slipping in to that empty suite close by.

  5. I thought lie-flat premium economy already existing — the legacy United dorm-style business class.

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