You Can Now Bring More Than 3 Ounces Of Hand Sanitizer Through TSA Checkpoints

The TSA has relaxed its liquid ban to allow up passengers to bring up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer through security checkpoints, rather than the 3.4 ounces they typically permit. I’ve been calling for the TSA to do this.

Of course the larger limit for hand sanitizer calls into question why other liquids remain limited.

TSA is known to take confiscated liquids – that they presumably consider dangerous – and dump them in bins beside security checkpoints rather than removing them using hazardous materials protocols. And the TSA itself has admitted that there has been no active threat against U.S. commercial aviation in many years. However several TSA screeners have tested positive for coronavirus.

Passengers are still expected to queue close to each other. There’s no social distancing at a TSA checkpoint. Screeners don’t change their gloves often enough. You may be able to ask them to, but that’s usually for seccondary screenings you gete and not for document checkers, or employees touching your bags prior to rummaging through them. TSA bins themselves are likely more diseased than the monkey from Outbreak.

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  1. How much hand sanitizer do you need for a plane ride?
    Soap and water which you can get on a plane is still better than any alcohol based sanitizer.

  2. “Of course the larger limit for hand sanitizer calls into question why other liquids remain limited.”

    Because people are panicking, so allow them their hand sanitizer

  3. I have held “Trusted Traveler” status (via Global Entry) for many years. That status is not granted until first making an official application, followed by an “exhaustive and extensive” background security screening and review by appropriate Federal agencies. Only after passing these reviews is Trusted Traveler status granted.

    So, I continue to ask: “If I am deemed a “Trusted Traveler”, why am I still not allowed to bring liquids through the checkpoint in amounts greater than 3.4 ounces (excluding new rules for hand sanitizer)? An unopened can of soda–to the trash can. An unopened bottle of water–to the trash can. Neither of these examples contain the level of alcohol (i.e. flammability) that even 3.4 ounces of hand-sanitizer contains.

    Bottom Line: If I am Trusted, why am I not trusted more fully?

  4. The smallest container of yogurt sold in the US contains 5.3 oz., and many travelers would welcome the opportunity to eat some during a flight. Even if those containers were sold at the stands or shops one finds on the concourse after having been screened, travelers don’t want to pay an outrageous price — 4 or 5 times what such a container might cost in a supermarket. Besides the number of varieties available would be severely limited. TSA regulations about the amount of ‘liquids’ allowed to be taken past screening are made by people whom I consider to be fine representatives of the notion that “If a person is stupid, it’s for a long time.”

  5. Pete I have read that you should not use airplane water even to wash your hands. Most of the water on the planes is unfit for human consumption.
    I think the idea of limits on liquids and toothpaste are blown out of proportion. Someone is going to blow up an airplane with an 8oz tube of toothpaste. Even if it is almost empty they will throw it away. Ridiculous. I think they realize this but don’t know how to turn the corner and eliminate most of the silly regulation.

  6. My 12 oz. Hand sanitizer was confiscated at Bradley Hartford, CT airport. When I showed the new TSA rules, first he said the % alcohol exceeded 60%…then…it had been opened…then…it didn’t bubble when shaken…then he confiscated my 2oz bottle, the he made me go back through security…then a pat-down. Complied calmly with everything he asked, but dont believe for a moment that your favorite 12oz hand-sanitizer won’t be confiscated. Front line agents make up their own rules depending on their mood.

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