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Asthmatic Woman Booted Off United Flight Because of a Cat

Apr 30 2017

Donna Wiegel was flying Baltimore – Chicago last month. She has “a lot of respiratory problems and asthma” and avoids being near cats. She spotted one at the boarding gate. And though she asked the gate agent to seat her as far away from the cat as possible, once on board she discovered she was only a ‘few rows away’.

Here’s how to handle onboard allergy issues.

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25% Bonus Converting Hotel Points to American Miles

airline seat
Apr 29 2017

It’s an annual tradition for American to offer a conversion bonus for moving points from a hotel program into AAdvantage miles. Historically this was a summer offer, and focused on Starwood like in 2014, in 2015 and 2016.

Revenue growth at AAdvantage is materially below expectation and they would love hotel chains to buy more of their miles, so they’ll give you a 25% bonus through June 15 for doing it.

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