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Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Demand Airline Ticket Refunds

bernie sanders
Mar 31 2020

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and several Senate colleagues including Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and 6 others, announced a letter to the CEOs of major U.S. airlines demanding “every company to issue full cash refunds to all customers who cancel their flights during the COVID-19 crisis.”

They don’t just want refunds for passengers whose flights are cancelled, they want refunds for everyone. But they’re a little late, grandstanding after they’ve given up any leverage by voting for the $58 billion airline bailout.

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American Airlines Will Fly Even Less In May, Considers Retiring Another Arcraft Type

american plane
Mar 31 2020

American Airlines thinks their May schedule – targeted at 20% of its normal domestic flying and 10% of international – will be closer to demand. That’s what airline President Robert Isom told flight attendants in an online question and answer session on Friday.

With less flying they’re looking at retiring not just Embraer E-190s, Boeing 757s and 767s, but also Airbus A330-300s. Currently 135 of the airline’s 150 widebody jets are parked. Yet they’re still planning to take delivery of new 737 MAX and 787 aircraft this year.

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Will American Airlines Furlough Employees Once The Bailout Money Runs Out?

Mar 31 2020

The $58 billion airline smash and grab bailout comes with several restrictions, including maintaining service to cities that already have flights and no employee furloughs through September 30.

In an employee ‘crew news’ session on Friday, airline President Robert Isom told flight attendants that once government restrictions on furloughs lift after September there are a number of things that will help to shrink employee numbers before getting to furloughs. Pilots, though, he was willing to tell that furloughs aren’t in the card.

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American Airlines Now Offering Employees Leave At 25% Pay And Full Benefits Or Early Retirement

Mar 30 2020

Two weeks ago American was asking flight attendants to take leave with no pay. Unsurprisingly they didn’t have enough takers. Pilots, however, could take leave or early retirement at about two-thirds pay.

American is now offering paid early retirement and paid leave across the company, not just for pilots, though of course the leave options aren’t as generous as what pilots receive.

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Delta Sky Magazine Lays Off Its Entire Staff

Delta’s current inflight magazine Delta Sky launched in 2009. The magazine was outsourced, published by MSP Communications. It used Delta’s brand, was distributed on Delta aircraft, and Delta’s media team promotes it on the website. It’s always been presented as Delta’s.

However writers were not Delta employees. Now they’ve lost their jobs.

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